Short one

Can’t be bothered getting out the laptop to write so short one today. Like last Thursday and the Thursday before it i feel like I am almost on top of it but tomorrow is Friday full of client meeting and errands in town which means I will miss another day of work. But it does feel like it is getting better each week. And I hope it’s not simply me getting used to it, although I am finding a certain resigned satisfaction in working for 10 hours straight without  a break. Somehow it seems to work for me so I am not sure what to do with the attempted well / break cycle I was trying to impose on myself before. Should it just be wrok work work work –  then go back to holiday lifestyle work cycle? Huge week long swings of leisure and busyness. We’ll see. I sure hope to not repeat my last Mo the existence any time soon. But then again I will probably not be moving house any time soon either, hopefully never.
  1. Feeling like I am getting on top of it.
  2. Pork chops are  the most awesome feed
  3. Feeling relaxed –  or is it numb?
  4. Living in open air
  5. Catching up with friends –  making an effort to go out  and catch up.
  6. Sticking with my habits against all odds
  7. Rocking out my proposal template for another quote
  8. My R1 is fixed –  hooray! Ride this weekend if I can be bothered.
  9. Sound of crashing waves at all times
  10. A certain sense of being lost and searching. Which means invariably I am going to find.