Writing again

I haven’t been blogging since 2011 not counting my feeble 4 day attempt a year ago. I always knew it is a good practice but somehow there were not enough reasons to motivate me to pick up as a regular practice. I remember back in the day I travelled a lot so needed a way to keep in touch and just was keen to share everything. But since then I have found my perfect paradise, so now I stay put and rarely travel, consumed by day to day living. Thus there are less exciting impressions to share, and less desire to share myself all together, and just to live in the moment instead.

But I have had an increasing urge to learn and grow recently, been listening to lots of enlightening podcasts, one of which on speed reading and super memory taught me that part of the speed reading an learning process is actually note taking, or revision, or some other type of recall. Which then made me nod my head in agreement as I have been consuming lots of seemingly wonderful advise and lessons, but can barely recall what this or that book was all about. And while I can hope that I simply assimilated the knowledge and made it part of my being, I think the truth is a little more banal and I simply forgot.

So I started to try to take notes and quotes on my phone.

Then I also got an urge to write but couldn’t be bothered or motivated. I wanted to write something of value to people but felt that my ramblings are not that. Yes I do still write my ramblings, I made it part of my morning routine and now do my morning pages and gratitude journalling in 10 minutes flat.

And finally after hearing yet another podcast which discussed push goals – setting a goal that helps you achieve many others – it hit me! Blog about what I am learning! I get to do the whole repetition and recall thing, engage some of my other learning faculties aside from reading or listening to better absorb the material, and if I am lucky even go through the suggested processes and exercises to really make the knowledge I am exposed to part of my being.

And I also hope it should help people who value their time like I do to get snippets of valuable information in 5 minutes or less instead of having to listen to the entire 1+ hour podcast. Push goal defined! And the first post I want to write is precisely about this push goal concept.