Not much to say today

Not much to say today. Sat almost without moving for 12 hours straight at the computer, neck and upper back hurt. Checked my profit & loss statement and I am not making any more money than usual. I do have a lot of outstanding invoices though so – time will tell? I keep saying it for the past 1.5 months already though. And yes I guess a lot of hours goes into “productivity enhancements”, ironically of course. And projects where it is hard to put a dollar value on right now (ongoing, or large project, learning advertising). So yeah. A little annoying that I seem to misplace my priorities over and over again, but at least I am aware of it. And whatever priority I have misplaced today and did not complete in favour of completing others – received a red label from me to be completed asap tomorrow. Strangely enough, I feel ok – maybe I am numb?… But yes ok, awake (alas!). And I *have* made an effort to complete as many of my dailies as possible. I guess gamification is my one and only hook – hooray for HabitRPG. Even got me to start journaling!
  1. Polishing up the proposal template further. No longer stressed over it, instead quite pleased with my business growth
  2. Redesigning my own website one more time to make it look presentable
  3. Almost $70k lent on Kiva from just $7k – pure magic! Approaching 3000 loans mark
  4. Apparently it is not just my mum who reads this – hi everybody else!
  5. Realising that I am constantly complaining – and then wondering (complaining) that life is not improving. Stop complaining!
  6. Doing a garden survey
  7. Forcing myself to go for a walk and discovering a neat little bay
  8. How I can just work for hours without noticing (to the detriment of my physical well being) – is this what they call flow?
  9. L helping me rewrite my proposal a million times over. Amazing how I absolutely can’t write about something that I can do so well
  10. Another new client meeting booked. It seems I get a new client several times a week these days. Goodness.