Sleeping in a helmet on a step of a closed shop in the rain after a shared slice of pizza

Grateful for:

  1. My days are getting so bizarre that I can’t fight the compulsion to write it down although I am currently in such a relaxed state that writing doesn’t come easily and naturally as always.
  2. Making frittata with tempeh for breakfast for everybody. Considering I didn’t know what tempeh was 3 days ago, not a bad effort. And indeed delicious. For lunch it was mushrooms again.
  3. Being asked to help my best friend’s fiancĂ© to buy a shirt for the ceremony in 3 days. Honestly, it didn’t click back then.
  4. Spending a day at the beach. Laying within 1 meter of the lapping waves.
  5. Observing Hare Krishans. Not surprisingly, they have reached this part of the world as well.
  6. Going for a walk along the beach and stumbling upon a multicultural game of beach soccer. With their miniature gates and half the field being washed over with receding tide it was a surreal sight.
  7. Hare Krishans dancing on to the field, stopping half way to turn around and go back.
  8. All these surreal scenes being peppered with occasional rider on a horse galloping through the beach and the water back and forth.
  9. One of the Hare Krishnas tried talking to me. I was tempted into lying when asked whether I speak English but honestly disclosed in English where I was from at which point a few words in Russian were uttered and a mutual Namaste exchanged.
  10. Trying to imagine how I might appear to someone else from their view of reality I realised for the first time I am wearing an yin yang amulet and a rudraksha anklet. Got to dig up the cross from my christening to complete the picture.
  11. Watching surfers.
  12. Wandering into a resort in search of a toilet and finding swings. I didn’t have enough time to actually enjoy them but I know where to go back now!
  13. Looking for a hair dressing salon in the back streets of Kuta. Second time lucky, someone speaks English! Luckier still, the only other customer, a white girl, proceeded to translate our requests and instructions into Indonesian. The result was not too bad, but I would not risk my own hair like that.
  14. Finally between the two of us me and a friend realised that our best friends decided to get married here and now instead of waiting till August to do it in Russia as was originally planned. My friend was like "listen, what’s going on? do you think they are getting married now or something? What, just had a glass of wine last night and decided, why not?.." I guess so.  Now the ceremony and the shirt buying assignment finally make sense. As we all later joked after a round of proper congratulations, we would otherwise be looking through the photos only to realise "Wait a minute!… I think I was present at a wedding!" Wedding it is then, in 3 days time.
  15. Scheming of things to do for the newlyweds.
  16. Wow, just realised as I was writing it, it will be my first time as a bridesmaid. And so it starts…
  17. Going shopping for a shirt for the groom to be. Trying various funny outfits while at it.
  18. Getting caught in another torrential downpour and hiding under a small roof in front of a closed shop. 5 Russians in helmets sitting on a step must have been a funny sight.
  19. Laying out a sarong and resting on the steps in the helmet. This is the point at which I decided this day was way to weird and needs to be recorded.
  20. Sharing a piece of take away pizza someone happened to bring along to sustain our weary bodies at 10pm.
  21. Washing off our hands in the rain water pouring from a nearby roof pipe.
  22. My friend graciously offering me to wear the only rain coat as the most fragile one that day while the other 4 braved the ride home under the rain.
  23. Sharing a late dinner and singing Russian Tzoy songs in the restaurant to everyone’s amusement.
  24. Attempting to watch revolver and falling asleep. Maybe next time.
  25. Sleeping on a mattress placed in the outdoor veranda as always, this time listening to the rain falling within 1 meter of me. This part I think I will miss the most when I go back to the normal world.