Blown tyre

Grateful for:

1. One hell (or more like heaven) of a day!

2. Visiting local market and stocking up on 100s of kilos of fruit and veg. My friend had to drag me out of there as I just kept buying stuff and it was a fun trip back on the back of a bike overloaded with bags precariously balancing a large watermelon between us.

3. A fridge chock a block full of veg – ahh, now I feel like home.

4. Having mushrooms again for lunch. It ended up being a long lunch.

5. Visiting an interesting beach with not so many people. Going for a swim at least 5 times and thoroughly enjoying my time with the ocean.

6. Although still quite rusty, I feel more capable of translating my acquired life views and theories into Russian. I was explaining natal chart theory and personality profiling today which seemed to make sense.

7. Blowing a tire on the way back home. As my friend wisely put it, having to leave the bike there and catching a cab back into town probably saved us from some larger calamity so grateful for that minor inconvenience as well as for the kind security guard that took the bike and the rental agency dude who came back from his village to pick it up and bring us a replacement and for the air-conditioned taxi way home. I forgot what an inside of the car felt like! All up $6 for the cab and $10 for tire replacement. Fun story to share – priceless. I love Bali :)

8. Sitting in a Japanese restaurant in Bali listening to reggae and talking Russian. I forgot when was the last time I had such a thoroughly international experience.

9. Having a sashimi plate with wasabi mixed so thick my soy turned green. It is hands down my favorite food in the world.

10. Watching Knocking on Heavens Door. It was wacky fun but probably only a 3/5 for me.

11. Can’t be grateful enough for having fresh juices and coconuts every single day. Heaven.

12. Finely some lemongrass at a local market and brewing some mean fresh lemongrass and ginger tea to everyone’s delight, most notably my own.

13. Relaxing all day thinking to myself what a lovely day, no emails, no work… Only to realize at the end of the day that the Internet was not working properly on the phone – how convenient and conducive to total mid week relaxation.

14. Adding another item to my iPhone text replace pearlers list: “my friend” was replaced by “muffins”. It probably is not so funny to read about it as to see it happen in front of my eyes as i type but causes me a great deal of joy. Those who created the logic for this clever piece of software certainly had a sense of humor.

Location:Gang Mangga,Kuta,Indonesia