Sleeping on the beach

Grateful for:

  1. Having a whole fish for breakfast, best way to kick off a day.
  2. Riding through streets after couple of days of rain – in one spot there is a definite dam about a block long, fun to ride through it.
  3. Riding out to a far away beach to watch the sunset with 6 fresh juices packed between 2 people
  4. Sleeping on the beach for a few hours under the breeze and ocean spray. Ahh!.. or more like Zzz..
  5. Reading an inspiring free ebook about authentic blogging 0 hour work week and starting to think differently.
  6. Riding back and singing ipod songs out loud all the way back home. Entertainment for the driver from the back seat of the scooter. Now that I’ve been singing along for some time since starting humbling back in my helmet in Melbourne several months ago I feel like I am not so out of tune any more. Sometimes my voice even matches that of the ipod and “disappears”.
  7. Sharing “normal”¬†Indonesian¬†tom yum (which westerner’s can’t handle usually) and enjoying the spicy hotness of it. Trying to medicate the cold I have been carrying for the past couple of days with chilly as well as lemon, ginger honey teas.
  8. Going out dancing (just the right thing to do to combat the cold, I’m sure!)
  9. Having fun all night, love it when I can’t wipe the smile off my face for hours. Good company.
  10. Watching I <3 Huckabees at home at 5 am. At that time of the night and in Russian, I could not understand anything except for how the universe operates and how we have anything we want. The rest I will have to leave till I watch the version in English.