Orgasmic web design services

Grateful for:

Finding a great compact kundalini workout on YouTube that I might even be able to stick with. I have turned into a total energy junkie and since in addition to that I have always been an efficiency junkie, then work out, breathing and energy body activation all in one first thing in the morning sounds like my kind of thing.

Having yet another free breakfast at a friend’s hotel.

Having a conversation that started like so

– So what is your name?

– I am called “Dave”

– That is what you are called, but what is your name? Or do you not want us to know your name? Are you on a run from the authorities?

– No, but it is interesting that you should reflect that to me

– On the run from yourself?

– Oooouuuuuu… now THAT is deep…

Needless to say it was an interesting encounter but what was most interesting about it, is that while our new acquaintance seemed to be saying all the “right” things, to me personally he just did not feel right. Seemed to have too much theatrical mannerisms for someone who spent the greater part of the conversation talking about importance of being authentic and sharing one’s feelings in the moment.

I did take away a great little reminder for myself of no matter what others’ communication and reactions are to my behavior, it is all reflecting something back to me, something I have not yet accepted within myself. But then again, everyone is lost in their own little dream so what they are saying to me or about me is a reflection of something within themselves, not me. Ugh, my brain is hurting, here I am again, banging my  head against the giant door of paradox. Another world is awaiting me on the other side once I manage to make my way through but its bloody painful for a “thinking” type to come to terms with knowing nothing and forever giving up hope of “figuring it out”.

Having a powerful dance session before the class, totally lost my breath and had to dance without it. Hip Swerve ftw – you know who you are! 😉

Having a fun informative session about social networking for practitioners. For once I was even able to chip in a few times from an expert vantage point… that is before I totally fell asleep (damn pillows and blankets, there is no place for them in the classroom!)

Receiving an interesting advise from the presenter to put a personal spin on the teaching tantra business: tantric cooking class, ecstatic bird watching weekend, etc. So…. orgasmic web design services anybody?? 😀

Spending the afternoon working, listening to music, swaying to the beat of cacao inside of me, suntanning and trying yet again to set up my iPad a secondary wireless display – all at the SAME time.

I have come up with yet another brilliant idea of setting my “current dreams” slideshow ON constantly while my iPhone is plugged into the iPhone speakers and playing Pandora. Now not only I feed energy to my dreams all day long instead (or better yet in addition to) an intense 30-60 minute visualization sessions, but everyone around me also feeds energy to them by checking them out. Manifestation on steroids – yeeeehaaaaa!

Weird food of today: cinnamon (lots!) and vegetable broth soup. Don’t ask.

Only slightly less weird drink of the day: blenderful (aka super lots) of spinach leaves, handful of cacao, banana and 1.5 scoops of raw protein.

Goddesses are back in the house having (barely) survived their Phoenix experience – delicious apple crumble desert cooked for everyone’s enjoyment.

Freaking moonlighting again – 4 am! Oh well, at least I had fun remembering my last 2 days of life. First I have fun living it, then mkae fun reliving it – can’t really complain but it is time for bed. Lemon and cayan pepper breakfast tomorrow 7.30 am, will probably come back to bed afterwards. Good night!

Oh one last PS – got my laptop adapter in the mail, using my little machine again for the first time in a month! I missed thee but wished I didn’t need thee.