Shamanic breathwork experience – to infinity and beyond!

Grateful for:

My first ever shamanic breathwork experience and what an ahhhmaaaazing trip. After a slow musical journey through the chakras I exploded into the most powerful energetic orgasm which I have been having a few of this month through various experiences but this one eclipsed them all in a total trance like state of consciousness and complete lack of control, I felt possessed. At the end I felt totally cleansed from the inside out.

Then came the next wave of experience, my point of awareness of of the present moment has expanded to encompass more and more of my future on one hand and my past on the other all at the same time observing myself but not in the events of the normal reality as my memory would recall it but in the reality of my own creation. I felt strong pulses of energy reverberating through my whole body as I was consciously creating certain events in my life I wished to experience.

As the music moved into the higher chakras I felt an incredible pressure in my third eye that would not go away for the rest of the trip.

An amazing feeling of empowerment at being able to experience such powerful energetic states on my own which up until now I thought were only possible by combining and amplifying the energies of two people.

Looking forward to experiencing and learning more of this stuff next month.

Dumping my excess energy on someone else – ahhhhh, now that feels better… :)

As I was scrambling to write it all down I met a visiting practitioner who offered me a 7 hour massage in exchange for a website (session trading ftw). I declined saying I don’t really have pain in my body but my friend had something that needed to be worked on at the time and I was just eager to learn as usual so we did a session of show and tell and I got to learn allow about neuro muscular points, Essenes philosophy,  herbal fertility control, Ai Ki Do and a bunch of other stuff.

The most bizarre turn of events has taken place as we were all happily chatting about this and that he mentioned something about the warm family feeling we have here and I innocently commented that yes, it is indeed very nice, it is my first time living in an environment where affection is so freely shared. Not even 10 minutes after he was out of there having turned complete impatient, distant, in a hurry (so much for a 7 hour massage) and having even left his bike shoes after being reminded several times to come and get them. Haven’t replied to a single call or sms from my or my friend since and will probably never return to collect his shoes! What a fabulous example of a practitioner himself being “triggered”, one of the phenomenons we have been studying this month.

Before the session I consumed an even great amount of cacao then for the party on the weekend and by the time the session has wrapped up something was definitely happening. It was either the onflow of energetic shift after the breathwork experience or indeed the cacao has finally had its effect on me in but I stayed on the couch all evening listening to music and having all sorts of mind trips and powerful visualizations and experiences.

I think I can finally see my future profession – legal spiritual drug dealer – taking people into altered states of consciousness with nothing but breath and music and sometimes chocolate to see the “reality” for themselves. Bingo!