Tantric day

Grateful for:

Building another website after barely getting out of bed. Now I can honestly say I can build them “with my eyes closed”.

Totally zen-nifying the guest room so now its super simple, super sexy and super inviting. Ahhh… I will never want to leave.

Going through the fridge and the cupboards now that everyone has left – it was like a food wonderland discovery tour. Extremely grateful to all the departed apprentices for leaving their food behind 🙂

Going to the movies! Watching Thor and eating popcorn – ah the simple pleasures of life.

Going on a sunset barefoot hike to the Cathedral Rock – the most photographed rock in Sedona, probably entire USA even. After my last barefoot hike over dry grass and cactus fields this one over large flat rocks was so easy and pleasant. The view from the saddle between two rocks was breathtakingly spectacular.

Having a “tantric” everything day: tantric movie watching, tantric hike, tantric waiting at the checkout line…

Having not 1 but 2 skype conversations with friends today. Considering I usually average about 1 a week this was quite a treat. I notice especially during skype talks that I laugh a lot. Must be growing happier… or sillier.. or both 🙂

Reading the most succinct powerful article ever on sensuous living, being in the moment, living meditation, etc. Pushed all the right buttons to make me melt – love it when it happens from a piece of writing.

Being called on my negative language patterns. Thank you and please more of that.

Falling in love with Sedona. Yes, I know, AGAIN! But I can’t help it that life takes me to the most beautiful places on Earth and connects me with the most wonderful people, of course I find myself in a permanent state of falling in love. I just need to shift my view on parting to something ecstatically positive from the current heartwrenchingly painful and then I can fully enjoy the “in love” flow.

Had to come back and write in what I got in my dialy horoscope today:

Just before you start packing your bags wait. Please just wait a moment and give life the time to pass on a very important message to you. It’s best that you don’t make any big plans today because there is a change up ahead that won’t cater your plans. It’s best that you simply trust and be patient, allow these changes to take place then if you feel like it, pack your bags. Now is not the time to be going anywhere dear Scorpio and I hope that you take the time to trust these words that are written for you. Your world is shifting in new ways and you need to allow time for these shifts to take place.

~ Ghazaleh Lowe free intuitive horoscopes

Leaving you with a shot from a book that pretty much sums up my view of myself.