Mountain biking cacao drinking hippy dancing super cool happy thing

Grateful for:

My first ever mountain bike ride!…. And probably the last. I bravely went over rocks and dips and dry creek beds at the beginning but then the mounting fear took over and I had to admit to my wimpiness and request to go back over an easier trail. Interesting to observe myself, and again the question of control is coming up: when an activity places me out of control my enjoyment totally evaporates. Furthermore, if I persist with it enough to regain a *sense*of control the enjoinment returns.

Falling asleep in the first half and then Really enjoying myself in the second half of the class today.

I think I am finally getting the point of the homework, it’s all coming together slowly…

Looking forward to a relaxing weekend. Not only do we get a full 2 days off but majority of the housemates also leave,so it is going to be super zen time.

Finding time to read again – halleluja! And also finding that my iPad speed reading exercises are paying off in noticeably increased reading speed. Which then leads to increased motivation and excitement about the whole process.maybe I can even commit to 1 book a week again and start clearing my reading backlog.

Pandora and my supercoolhappycrazysexybeats radio stations.

Adding a few more habits to my daily mojo list. Now that I have transferred it to the Habit Factor iPhone app I can see how I am doing with all of them overtime. I now realize that it is not practical to expect myself to do all of them every day but having a list motivates me to do as many as I can plus provides me with performance ports so I can balance the areas I am slacking in by putting extra attention there.

Having a cacao & cayenne pepper mixture to kick start the night of dancing.

Going out to a hippy live band event in the courtyard of the local raw food store. After rainbow serpent in Australia in february this is my second hippy dance party. Love the energy and the sand dance floor and even the awkward feeling of not fitting in. I no longer fit in with location independent Internet entrepreneurs because of my hippy life views and I don’t fit in with the hippies because of my interests in Internet, business and location independent lifestyle. I have carved myself into a niche…

Having an awesome dance.