She’s alive!!!

Grateful for:

Having an inspiring conversation with someone from the “outside world” and actually being able to articulate some of what I have learned and how I changed. Among the usual crazy deliciousness of story swapping, mutual inspiration, admiration and love, this conversation was just what I needed to give me a kick up the butt and restart my writing. I CAN express myself eloquently and describe what is going on with me, it is not so ethereal and totally experiential as to be beyond words. Will start with some gratitude basics and build up to in depth Polina change tracking over the next few days.

Learning a cool breathing technique. My dream intention of learning breathwork is coming true.

Booking a shamanic breathing workshop for the next month. This time, I am actively making my dream intention of learning breathwork come true. Does it still count for co creation with the Universe or am I taking too much charge?

Feeding 5 people for lunch! I have been getting my feeding and caring fix these weeks and made me realize how much it actually contributes to my happiness. I am going to make one hell of a wife for someone one day 😀

Talking about indigo children in class today. I seriously totally think I am one, the more I ask people to describe them the more it seems to fit. Will keep that label, it makes me feel good. Been called autistic the other day too, going to keep that label also. Not only does it provide a perfectly acceptable explanation for my bouts of eccentricity, it also gives me a ticket to expand the eccentricity range even further!

Doing actual work today. I have totally forgot how it feels! And THAT is a good thing 🙂

Getting my inbox to o!!! Since it happens only a few times a year it certainly deserves a mention.

Realized a funny paradox today: I am an introvert who is too too busy being social and have no time for myself. More on paradox later, it’s the buzzword of the week in Polina’s universe.

Making a whole pile of dark chocolate covered STUFF: bananas, pineapple, kiwi, various nuts and raisins. Yes I have a dark chocolate addiction, but at least I am creative in the ways I go about satisfying it.

It might be all the dark chocolate I ate, but seriously, I feel like I have the best life ever…