Grateful for:

Having a conversation with some tourists at breakfast and learning things about my home town I never knew and I now want to go an experience. What are the chances?!

Cleaning up the house Polina zen style. Ahhhh, let the weekend relaxation begin…

Doing not much at all all day – it was fabulous.

The anxious cat that usually hangs outdoors actually graced me with a visit today, buried it’s face in my armpit and purred with me, it was a delight for both of us.

Testing out my Vanuatu Hines zen rock stacking skills on the crystals displayed on the kitchen counter. What at first seemed to not stack up higher then 3, at the end I managed to incorporate all into a gravity defying leaning tower style contraption. I wonder if there is a real world application for the skill of rock stacking, I might need to add it to Polina’s extensive services me u.

Reading clever books and having clever conversations all day, feeling that much more cleverer now 🙂

Going out to eat – trying buffalo steak for the first time in my life. Twice the protein and half the fat, barely cooked with deep purplish red on the inside – it was delicious, the only complaint is that it ended too quickly.

Trying cactus fries for the first time – like the buffalo also juicy and yummy but in a different kind of way.

Going to another restaurant for desert and being transported back in time a couple of centuries in this Italian place, and enjoying divine creme brûlée and tiramisu. God I LOVE food 🙂

Catching some live jazz at the Italian restaurant – nice surprise.

Coming home and falling into bed in total exhaustion from eating. The second best style of exhaustion and one of the best ways to end the day.