Web design party

Grateful for:

Doing Kundalini yoga for the first time in my life! It was so super awesomelicious I didn’t want to get up afterwards and sat there with my eyes closed basking in the kundalini flow. Self induced altered states of consciousness ftw – it must surely be illegal 🙂

Making mighty fine scrambled eggs for breakfast from a secret recipe.

Making 2 websites today with&for friends. It was a veritable web design party here today with me the leading geekologist.

Chipping away at my emotional eating conundrum.

I thought I was the queen of wacky food but today I was treated to this desert today: raw egg, corn flour, butter and brown sugar whisked into sweet sugary goodness. I spread some on my toast and ate the rest with the spoon and shared it with someone I love for the extra sweetness.

Talking on the phone with someone else I love. Since I talk on the phone maybe only once or twice a week that makes it extra special.

Looking forward to receiving my laptop cable in the mail tomorrow. It was a nice month long break but its time to plug back in.

Getting back in touch with my business, doing some development, hiring, firing, writing a quote and receiving heartfelt thanks all in a course of day, or evening rather due to time zone differences. Its my baby and I missed it and I still love doing what I do, I just now love doing other things more, that’s all.

Finding a super cool online app Prezi which totally tickled all my geeky nerves, can’t wait to use it, Polina’s endless services menu is going to be ported into this funky platform from the confines of my iPad and finally unleashed publicly into the world. World, you better be ready!

Coming up with yet another talent to add to the services menu – personal finance tracking and management advice. I love to look at my graphs and charts every month, and self improvement does not fail to be the largest expense category every month. It is a fascinating world to explore – and a powerful question to be able to answer – where did all the money go??

Being yet again supported in my crazy occupation idea of “professional house guest”. Now with even more tools in my toolbox to transform on many new levels, I should start putting my portfolio of offerings together.