Joys of getaways

Grateful for:

  1. The most incredible day ever!
  2. Having super yummy fresh farm egg, spinach and goat cheese omelette. The eggs were scary bright yellow and everything was bursting with flavour. Nothing beats produce fresh off the land. The quality of food coupled with breathtaking scenery is enough to make me contemplate a move.
  3. Picking strawberries at the berry farm. I think it took longer to pick 1kg then to eat them but both experiences were unforgettable.
  4. Visiting chocolate factory and stuffing myself silly with little pieces of samples on offer.
  5. Visiting local cheese farm and being taken through a 10 piece cheese degustation process.  One of their blue veins was simply divine with strong notes and sweetness of fruit and a piece of it had to come home with me.
  6. Driving down unknown unsealed road through majestic forest that promised to take us to our destination. Passed by only 2 cars in the whole half an hour of driving, it was awesomely peaceful and even warranted a pit stop under some might tall pines and ferns taller than human height.
  7. The coast and the beaches are mighty impressive, but I was absolutely blown away with the country side up in the hills and the forests.  It really does make me think over and over again “To hell with everything else, this is what life is all about”. I vouched to buy a hammock when I’m back in Melbourne and go on the rides to the countryside and just hang there literally and figuratively.
  8. Failing to find our destination but ending up instead on some beach off the beaten path. The few people that were there when we arrive all left leaving it completely deserted towards the end of the day.
  9. The beach looked a lot like some Thailand beach photo a friend of mine posted earlier on Facebook. The similarity was uncanny. I have noticed a strong tendency to find definite similarities between the various countries I visit, every one is different but in so many weird and wonderful ways they all resemble each other. The citizen of the world mentality has taken deep roots – each country resembles a suburb of another.
  10. Paragliders and hand gliders flying right above our heads at the beach. And when they eventually went to land right in front of us the sight was simply breathtaking and I got chills down my spine. People flying! I really really really want to do hand gliding now, goes on my manifestation list for this year.
  11. Reading Jan Spiller’s Spiritual astrology on the beach and the book totally kicked my butt. Illuminated all my habitual ways of behaving and handling my reality and told me to stop being a wimp, step up, be brave and do it differently. Lots to think about and process, growing pains kicked in big time and a lot of resistance to work through. But as you guessed, I am loving it all.
  12. Enjoying a nice dinner. Want to attempt to recreate sliced snow peas and pickled ginger salad at home. It was yummy.
  13. Finding Fritz Gelato in town! My new absolute best friend. Contemplating for ages which flavours I am going to have tomorrow for breakfast. I am clearly obsessed.
  14. Failing to find any available accommodation in the town many hotels and caravan parks and opting to sleep in the car in the forest instead. Amazingly, the sleep was awesome with no tossing and turning and waking up bright and early full of energy. The car you sleep in does make a difference!
  15. Seeing a sky littered with stars. Simply divine.