12 apostles

Grateful for:
1. Enjoying the best summer weather while driving down Victorian coast: beautiful landscapes, beaches, coastal towns…
2. I love Victoria beaches more than Queensland or New South Wales, Western Australia is still a contender though.
3. Enjoying a seafood picnic from local catch. Never thought it could be possible but I think I am about to OD on seafood. Wrapping up of Christmas season is well overdue for me.
4. Taking some beautiful pictures. I still got it and it feels good to be reinspired to take photos.
5. Visiting the famous 12 Apostles at sunset and witnessing some amazing natural displays: golden rock face reflecting the sun rays, blue ocean and various shades of green in the scrub.
6. Having not 1 but 2 freshly squeezed juices today.
7. Taking literally the last available room in the whole town of Port Campbell.
8. Watching a bit of Waterworld on TV. Last time I saw it I was in my early teens, it seemed boring back then so I never finished it and it proved the same now. But it was an interesting blast from the past nevertheless.
9. Hot shower! I never know with these rural unadvertised granny flat off someone’s house type of accomodation what I am going to get so was very grateful for the hot shower that never run out. The sticker on the wall said it uses rain water. I guess I am also grateful that it must have been raining recently.
10.  Contemplating the interesting fact that when all the pleasures are of sightseeing nature, it leaves little to write about as it all needs to be seen and coming up with 10 items was a bit of task tonight, in stark contrast to how good the day actually was. But 10 items I got nevertheless.