Delicious and atrocious

Grateful for:

  1. Having super breakfast of a wacky omelette, salmon bruschetta and nearly 1 litre of freshly squeezed juice.
  2. Visiting some beautiful waterfalls surrounded by the most luminous green forest.
  3. Taking lots and lots and lots of photos.
  4. Having gelato for lunch. It took me a little while but I finally worked out a nice flavour combination. And then came up with several more to try in the future. For the record, in case I forget: choc plus coconut makes bounty; choc plus coconut plus berry makes cherry ripe; cinnamon&ginger plus pear will probably make a poached pear flavour. Never know what to take coffee one with, but probably choc or vanilla might be good. Can’t wait for another Fritz experience.
  5. Visiting a different type of seaside town at Queenscliff and Portarlington.
  6. Having the most delicious and atrocious lunch at the same time: chai and middle eastern sweets soaked in sugar syrup. Ran out of time for proper lunch and I absolutely insisted on being back in Melbourne for yoga. This was the last drop for my body to take and it was done, DONE with the Christmas diet and could not wait to get back into my normal raw diet.
  7. What I was banking on when buying an unlimited pass is that my body will take over and force me to go after having to force my body to go the first few times has come to pass. Now daily yoga is the cornerstone around which the rest of the day forms and it hasn’t even been a week yet!
  8. Being kindly picked up by my flatmate after catching a tram. It took me 2 whole stops to feed the ticket machine with a kilo of 5 cent coins but I did it.
  9. Being awesomely surprised when I got home to find my other flatmate home early from her own camping trip.
  10. Having talks long into the night. It is the first time all three of us are home after more than a month and it felt so goooooooood to connect, share and support each other. I live with the most incredible people in the whole world.
  11. Making a pact for a 3 day water fast to cleanse after the Christmas diet and to support one of the flatmates on the last 3 days of her 11 day fast. I do 1 day fasts quite frequently so 3 days is a welcome challenge.
  12. Supporting a friend through a difficult time.
  13. Cafe staying open way past midnight on Monday night. If I ever feel like a coffee and a cake at night, I know where to go.