Water fast day 2 – off doing yoga

Grateful for:

  1. Sleeping on the lounge room floor tonight. Don’t know why, just felt like it. My only speculation would be that I slept right next to the side door. Perhaps something in me needed to exit that night.
  2. Day 2 of my water fast. Feeling weak and spending the whole day snoozing or doing nothing on the couch. It was good and long overdue. I think I am going to do another 2 weeks of that, come to think of it, I think I never really done it so its time.
  3. Feeling strong enough towards the end of the day to drag myself to yoga.
  4. Yoga was good, the class turned out to be easy focused on the breath rather than work your ass off usual style. Enough energy to do everything well, but feeling slightly more off balance than usual. I even forgot I was on the fast towards the end of the class.
  5. Moving, thinking and talking in slow motion. I like it, I think that’s the way life really should be.
  6. Feeling rather energised after the yoga instead of tired and sleepy as expected.
  7. Went to watch the sunset at the beach on the way home and bumped into another fasting housemate. Nice walk along the water together with bare feet in the sand. Happiness is…
  8. Getting ready to go home when an Hallelujah song came up on the ipod. Sitting down on the grass staring at the darkening sea and giving it the undivided listening attention it deserves.
  9. Finalising my 2010 year of giving by lending out outstanding loans to make up 365 loans… and realising there is no way I am going to stop now and will probably continue giving 1 loan a day for the rest of my life. Lending out a few more to make up 371 loans (365 + 6 days of January) so I am even right now. Next target it to fund enough money into the account for it to be self sustainable (repayments on  average equal $25/day which is sufficient for another loan)
  10. Deciding to extend 3 day fast to 6 day and possibly beyond. It has been close to 60 hours on just water and I seriously have not felt hungry yet once. I am feeling weak and woozy sometimes but that is balanced by being in slightly altered states of consciousness (which I love) so all an all it seems easy enough to continue. My only worry would be psychological and emotional eating so if I manage to isolate myself from the world as much as possible to avoid those triggers it should be quite manageable. Planning another yoga session in the morning and a dance class at night, will see how I go.