The low day

Grateful for:

  1. Weird day. Feeling very anxious and scattered all day, starting one thing and switching to the next in rapid succession, not really accomplishing anything.
  2. Went to yoga at the end of the day hoping to re-center myself but once I go there I did not feel like participating so just sat on the couch in the reception for 1.5 hours trying to listen within. From what I know so far, weird sad emotions for absolutely no reason usually attempt to communicate something from deep within. I tried hard to be still and listen, but haven’t heard anything.
  3. Getting love and support from friends when I am feeling low.
  4. Stopping by the beach on the way back home and witnessing the most incredible sunset of my entire life.  The utter never-to-be-repeated uniqueness of it was due to the fact that there was a low hanging storm cloud and a wall of rain between me and the setting sun, so it showed perfectly round but super dim behind it and looked absolutely outlandish. And after that as the rain wall moved and the sun set there were 3 or 4 different sunsets one after the other with totally different effects, colour schemes,etc. It was a 2 hour extravaganza. Alas I haven’t got a picture that does it justice.
  5. Being let down by my phone camera so much have cemented my decision to manifest an iPhone 4.
  6. Riding home with no shoes just for fun. It was the weirdest sensation having exposed toes and feeling the wind against my feet.
  7. Reading in my natal chart iPad app at the end of the day that today I will be affected by a very low mood and if it all possible I should do nothing and spend time relaxing and reading and not making any decisions. And so a day of soul searching that resulted in no findings ended with a simple explanation which I have used so many times before: “The planets made me do it!”