Food creation flow

Grateful for:

  1. Waking up at 5 am and doing most of the things on my new morning mojo list. The feeling of freedom for the rest of the day without any niggling concerns is quite elating in its own right.
  2. Having berries and dark chocolate for breakfast complete with a deep and meaningful conversation about changes and contracts.
  3. In fact, I think me and my housemate spent the majority of the day in conversation… and eating with intermittent laundry folding and hanging here and there.
  4. Finishing off my raw cashew cheese. It stayed in the fridge for a couple of weeks without changing consistency, like a real cheese. It was awesome and a new batch is sure to be on the way shortly. Recipe: soaked cashews, rejuvelac, salt, pepper. Blend and let ferment for 12 hours covered with a cheesecloth or tissue, then refrigerate and enjoy.
  5. Having reliable contractors that allow me to fold laundry while the business work is getting done.
  6. Coercing my housemate to attend a dance lesson with me. Laughing at myself is so much more fun when I have someone to share with. Street Latin was a bit of a disappointment being the same as the Salsa class but oh well, always good to get out there and shake it up, even if I can’t coordinate my steps for the life of me.
  7. Visiting office supplies store looking for a funky folder for my style scrap book just to realise that what I have at home is perfectly suitable and is even better than anything on offer in the store. Best way to shop is when I end up buying nothing realising I have everything I need already. Kind of like life I guess…
  8. Having the best yoga workout yet since I started yoga a couple of weeks ago. Doing my first ever unassisted hand stand in my entire life and bridge pose straight from lying down is a standard now, it was not just a fluke on behalf of my fast last week. Feeling very powerful. Amazing what 2 weeks of yoga, 1 week of water  fast and a wholesome diet can achieve.
  9. Sweating out bucket loads during both yoga and dance- detoxification continues long after fasting and colonics are just a memory. Even my knees were sweating!
  10. Spending couple of hours in the kitchen doing pure creation. I did stop to think to myself, maybe there is a reason I don’t see these particular types of food in the shop or cookbook, maybe it just does not go, but it was only a fleeting moment of logic in a flurry of mixing, tasting, opening every single bag and packet in the pantry and adding various ingredients. It was blissful flow of food creation and I have gone over my newly sacred 10 pm bed time. Decadent chia pudding made with fresh cashew milk complete with nut pulp and lots of Agave, currants and chocolate is pure superfood indulgence. Poppy seed Agave chocolate cracker and raw honey Florentine are still dehydrating and moist. If that fails I can always freeze them 🙂
  11. Unable to sleep again I was doing some dreaming of the things I want to experience and adding some more images to my iPad dream album. It even brought up a few perturbations, like any good dream session should.