Life purpose revelations and other awesomeness

Grateful for:

  1. For the first time I am actually grateful for a gap in my gratitude blog writing because it was for an extremely good reason! My body finally urged me to stop abusing it with the awful 4am bed time sleeping schedule and syncronistically manifested me watching the following vlog on sleep and following natural rhythms of sleeping and waking with the sun at Goddess Life. I took the advise to heart and since I watch sunsets more often then not throughout the week, it being one of my passions, I decided to go to bed shortly after the sunset. Blogging being my night time activity fell by the wayside momentarily while I prioritised sleep above all for the past few days. Then consciously seeking a better suitable time frame for my beloved writing activity while at the same time noticing that my meditation practice has also slipped the last few days, I was once again reminded that my life being the free flowing river that it is, nothing from my mental “important but not urgent” list gets done if I leave it till later in the day, once I’m done with my emails, after I check my Facebook, follow my inspiration to create something in the kitchen, blah blah blah. I might as well start writing my own “list of things about me I know to be true”, and this fact would be on top of that list. Recalling that the only system that ever worked for me for getting most if not all of the important but not urgent things done in the day was to start the day with “Polina’s Daily Mojo” list back in Vanuatu, a list of things that had to be done and checked off before I was allowed to do anything else outside of that list. I even had to print the list in hard copy instead of using computerised version as I could not trust myself to fire up my PC and not get sucked right into it. So finally, after if I recall correctly, committing to recommitting to my Daily Mojo list to a friend a couple of months ago, the list if reborn in all its glory. The day has started and most things are done, writing being one of the last items on it, followed by juice and breakfast (as now I don’t trust myself to get into the kitchen without getting sucked into making stuff 🙂 For those interested I will add the list as a separate page as it will change depending on the country and surroundings I am in, for example, it will probably feature Ashtanga standing sequence sun salutations when I am somewhere where I am not committed to another daily yoga or exercise regime. It will take a little adjusting for me to write about a day past while being in the “future” of it, if you will, but it is a small price to pay for a system that I know works and delivers numerous personal benefits.
  2. Feel inspired to thank a friend of mine for both planting the seed of “radical honesty” and sharing idea of “a list of things about me that I know to be true” a couple of months back. They both grew roots and germinated into wonderful thought plants, first one even becoming one of my two 2011 focuses, which means it is set to grow into a strong tree bearing fruit for the rest of my life in various growths, changes, challenges and ultimate life satisfaction rewards.
  3. Making a huge healthy juice from all organic fruit and veg (immense gratitude of the whole household goes out to the organic produce provider!): beetroot, carrot, apple, celery, ginger. This is my stock to go juice and seemed fitting to kick off the first day off my 6 day water fast (or 14 day water fast for one of my gorgeous housemates, read her story here). Even though I already had another juice last night and even (gasp!) some food, which will be covered in my other post about the fast, this was the first home made morning juice of 2011 continuing one of the best routines I have established in 2010.
  4. Spending the morning *studying*(!) fashion magazines as part of my personal fashion education course instigated by my wonderful stylist. I was amazed at the number of articles dealing with positive thinking, manifestation, philanthropy and general lifestyle goodness that I live by. Indeed, you see in the world what you project out into it, and even tabloids are glaring back at me with all sorts of positivity, inspiration, love and and (disguised) polyamory. Needless to say it was a morning well spent and I now have a stack of inspirational photos to create my own fashion book, now only to make it to the nearby Office Works for the supplies…
  5. Spending the afternoon at the computer doing STUFF while telling myself I should go and meditate because I missed it in the morning being waaaay to excited to finally get back into the kitchen after more than a week of absence. I can say that I was intermittently conscious and at times aware of myself which is a little better than simply seeing the whole of afternoon hours disappear into cyberspace ether, so I am grateful for that. Big change happens from lots of little changes and little changes start by being aware of what needs to change…
  6. Rushing off to yoga (another awareness alert! I am rushing off every time I go there, time for a thoughtful “Hmmm….”).
  7. Getting stuck in the rain in traffic. I have converted my hesitancy of rain riding into the love of it a while ago (still working on loving wearing wet clothes on arrival!) so it was a pleasant experience. And having to carefully maneuver it around cars for the majority of the way and then even crossing one of the main street’s park sized median strip through a pedestrain walk to the amusement of the other traffic members was a very fun riding experience that made me more in touch with my motorcycle then ever, handling it more like a push bike then a heavy machine that I usually think of it as.
  8. Traffic jams throughout main roads forced me to find my own way through the back streets and alleyways of Fitzroy and any Melbournite would know it was definitely an awesome artist experience in and of itself Fitzroy being professional graffiti central.
  9. Missing yoga (or the first half hour of it that I was planning to attend) entirely and heading straight for my second destination which was only a block away. Arriving there early (never happened to me before)!
  10. Seeing and more surprisingly being recognised by the Gnostic centre teacher who did a free 1 hour meditation course for me and my ex 2 years ago last time we visited Melbourne and showed up during public holiday when the centre was in fact closed.
  11. I am super delighted and proud to discover that I have been writing this blog for so long I can actually refer to the post that described that special impromptu mediation course (last paragraph)!
  12. I feel I have finally found it! The one philosophical pursuit that encompasses so much of my own established practices, introspections, interests, my personal preferences and strengths and many other things I am hoping to learn and master (astral projections, lucid dreaming, esoteric wisdom, psychology, investigation of the self anyone??)  that I will dedicate myself to its study and not fritter away my precious time and focus jumping from one theory to the next skimming the surface but never really digging deep enough to produce change, only accumulating knowledge. Gnosticism is it for me, thank you Universe, if not forever than long enough to delve deep enough. This note does not come close to conveying the profound impact of this discovery, but it will unravel itself as the time goes on I’m sure.
  13. It has been just over a week since I received my biggest kicks up the bum from Soul Astrology by Jan Spiller with the following revelation and I feel immensely grateful for it, having now found the way to work my Jupiter in Sagittarius in the positive. I haven’t even done anything, but the self of increased inner peace, self-worth and purpose are already having a profound effect on me. (Quoting straight from the book below with my personal comments in brackets)
    Jupiter in Sagittarius
    If you postpone participating with others in deep philosophical pursuits, you may instead fritter away the time as a perpetual traveller, both in mind and body. If you are content to be motivated by superficial reasons and internal reflections, you can inadvertently create a situation of intellectual isolation by presuming you know the answers to everything.
    (And there I was, up until that moment in life, thinking that perpetual travelling, internal reflections and feelings like I have the answers within me ARE my top life aspirations that I was so happily living!!! Turns out that it is just the entry point, what the planetary energies have aligned for me for this lifetime, from which I have to spring forth and reach further)
    When you decide to involve yourself seriously with deep philosophical study and communication with other people, trusting your knowledge to flow spontaneously, you can experience the joy and personal expansion in learning and teaching. Consequently, when you take the leap in faith and let yourself share new ideas (rather than using knowledge to establish intellectual authority), you can truly become a teacher. Self -trust increases as you take the initiative in sharing your positive outlook and philosophical insights with others.
    (Phew! At least I have been doing the last part of dynamic expression. Now time to get busy with the rest of it)
    It is an awesome delicious feeling having such major revelations and gifts and working in line with the Universe, hard to convey in writing so it is more of a memory note to self of  just how good it feels in this moment.
  14. Talking to some people afterwards about their astral projection and personal inner investigations journeys. Inspiring stuff!
  15. Finding out two of the regulars work non-profit clinic that treats cancer with intravenous vitamin C injections and other healthy alternatives and discussing various healthy lifestyle regimes.
  16. Being told that 2 of the foods my body was craving while maintaining an otherwise Raw lifestyle (fish and dark chocolate) are in fact the best best best best curative and generally health supportive foods to have. I have not had much guilt about eating them before, but now I feel free to really give into my desires. 3 out of 4 studies longest living people were found to eat LOADS of dark chocolate (up to a pound a week!) And the forth one? Noone knew anything about his diet! Going to stop talking about and get stuck right into all the raw chocolate treats recipes I have been dreaming up. Plus stock up on my favourite 85% dark commercial choc bar. Lindt is a bit of a bitter (excuse the pun) disappointment in this arena but I am in love with Green&Black’s Organic Fairtrade 85% dark bar. The vanilla they use make it so much more aromatic and sweet.
  17. Riding home full of excitement vigor and energy. I believe I keep forgetting to mention that I have recently started singing in my helmet (along with dancing which I have been doing for a while) which add a new excitement and fun dimension to my riding experience and must make for a fun sight at the traffic lights. This night saw a particularly loud performance of Puff Daddy’s I’ll Be Missing You, Preacher’s Son from Pulp Fiction (my favourite movie of all times), Enigma’s TNT For The Brain, Sublime’s Santoria and a few others from my trusty mish mash Bliss playlist.
  18. Being visited by a spider in the room while trying to fall asleep which was a task considering how psyched I was. He was amusing to converse with and observe, but in the end I had to insist he leaves.
  19. Having trouble falling asleep (expected while undergoing a complete sleep pattern changeover) gave me the opportunity to actually consciously listen to the various guided meditations I play as I go to bed, which usually is only my subconscious mind is awake to hear. As I thought, all positive inspiring stuff, nothing alarming being auto suggested.
  20. Last but not least (it not MOST, time will tell!..) while laying in bed I crystallised (or downloaded or whatever – it came to me) the solution to several of my aspirations, challenges, perturbations, fears and goals all at once! One idea solving everything (while I am sure opening a totally different can of worms)! At last I fell into blissful sleep exhausted and exhilarated all at once. Idea will take shape on this blog so watch this space… (or more precisely the one above it)

PS Longest blog post to date! The only downside? Got to rush off to yoga again!… lol