I have signed up for a 30 day composition challenge which entails composing something every day. I chose to write my wacky non-rhyming poems and even though I am now 5 days late I think its best to start something late than never so here it goes.

A strange relationship we have

My oldest friend of all

I need you more than I can say

Yet totally neglect you

Is there a way for us to mend

This friendship gone awry

Or should I just carry on

While you patiently

Ever so quietly

Wait for me in the shadows

Perhaps our relationship might improve

If we see less of each other

Or carefully plan our dates

Rather than wait

Till I fall exhausted into your arms

Perhaps if I learn the language you speak

I can look forward to our embrace

And understand all the wonderful stories

You tell me every night

Then I will be spending time with you

Instead of writing poems that don’t make sense

At 4am in the morning