Didgeridoo lessons

Grateful for:

  1. Cooking lots first thing in the morning, one of the best ways to start the day in a creative flow.
  2. Making a kale pesto! It started off as a spin ash, walnut and peanut pesto but was just lacking something and then it dawned on me to add a few leaves of kale to the mix and Halleluja! A tasty kale flavored pesto emerged.
  3. Trying out a raw crepe recipe. Unfortunately I did not make it back home to turn it off in time so it probably turned into a cracker, but the combination of apple, flaxseed, coconut and various curry flavours tasted really promising in the batter.
  4. Having a great yoga workout in the hothouse weather of this whacky Melbourne summer. The instructor said that is as close to southern Indian authentic ashtanga experience that most of us will ever get to so we should be grateful and I was.hot weather allows for unprecedented flexibility and I could touch my forehead to my knees for the first time since doing yoga in Vanuatu 3 years ago – even though assisted by mother nature, the feeling of accomplishment was still all mine to enjoy.
  5. Having a freshly squeezed juice and a chocolate vegan truffle for lunch. Time must have stopped in its tracks and I have lost a good half an hour completely mesmerised by the truffle taste. It was pure indulgence.
  6. Watching The Tourist. The movie wasn’t as good as I expected although it had two of my favourite actors of all time in it. Plus my honed intuition and powers of insights gave away the ending at the very beginning. But it was still an entertaining watch and the setting of Venice had me completely transported into another world. Funny how I should watch a movie set in Italy just as I have made up my mind to spend 3 months in Italy this year. I was visualising overtime during the movie session, Venice – here I come! There is an undeniable mystic, charm and attraction about the old world that just keeps pulling on my heart strings and calling me relentlessly.
  7. Having my first didgeridoo lesson on a didge made of PVC piping. I got the sound just right and even¬†practiced a few variations. Need to work on strengthening the muscles and circular breathing and I will be ready for my first street performance in no time. I even practiced saying “thank you” for the money which will be dropped in my hat. Multiple streams of income 2.0
  8. Being given a PVC didge to take home to practice on.
  9. Buying a few things at Lululemon – super comfy and sexy shorts, pants and top for yoga and dancing. I love them so much I will wear them to dance parties and to the beach also.
  10. Having melon and paw paw for dinner and totally crashing on the couch at 8pm. Doing lots and lots of sleeping lately, for better or worse.