Mushrooms for breakfast

Grateful for:

1. Blogpress iPhone app! Now I really have no excuse not to write and can make gratitude lists of the day gone by while dowsing off to sleep.

2. Having mushrooms for breakfast.

3. Walking around in the rain.

4. Trying a local desert at a cafe, offending the heck out of staff by deciding I don’t like it and leaving it behind (“but we Balinese people we like it very much!”… Oops…) thankfully a nearby french backpacker sprang to my rescue and offered to eat it for me while I was frantically apologizing. All hail multicultural solidarity.

5. Contemplating why avocado eaten from a shell with a spoon is the best thing ever and the same avocado blended into a smoothie i wouldn’t even call remotely tasty. Does blending somehow alter the taste or do the shape and texture of the food affect the way we perceive taste?

6. Riding around some beach side suburbs looking for a place to live. Have to move out in 3 days! Haven’t found anything we fell in love with but had plenty of adventure along the way.

7. Happily being the pillion on a bike since my arrival here. It is quite mad out on the road so I am grateful to be in a less stressful position. Instead I entertain my friend and other passer by vehicles with what I can only guess is a horrible interpretation of the songs I am listening to on my iPod.

8. Getting caught in an absolute torrential downpour on the way home. Thankfully any remnants of the stress and worry about getting wet evaporated within 2 minutes once I got completely drenched, and after that it was pure madness with more singing, howling and screaming at the rain to “bring it!”. By the time we got home we had to ride through a river that used to be our street, which is probably not dissimilar to the experience I would have had, had i stayed in Melbourne. There was no end to merriment of course as another “you can’t make this stuff up if you tried to” chapter was created for my personal memoir.

9. Making up an absolutely crazy raw desert with total lack of necessary ingredients, I think only 1 ingredient from the original dish made it into my interpretation. Each item actually tastes much better on its own than mixed together but it is tue creative effort that i am most proud of: soaked peanuts, dragonfruit, raw cacao nibs, raw coconut flesh. All blended together into a paste, which I have now stuck into the freezer for good measure.

10. But before I could stick it into the freezer I had to make some space in it, which in the style of small old refrigerators have frozen into one large block of ice. What started with me chipping away at it slightly with a knife to make a little room turned into a full blown assault until half and hour and bucket loads of ice later I stood victorious to the compliments and eternal gratitude of our host. Suddenly the fridge had so much room that all of us could fit all our veggies in!

Location:Gang Mangga,Kuta,Indonesia