McDonalds at midnight

Grateful for:

  1. Waking up early as usual but then going back to bed to sleep in an extra couple of hours since my head still felt overloaded from the weekend and in need of processing time – such a nice feeling (both the overloaded head and the sleep in). Even though it does not produce as much actual rest as sleeping non stop, waking up and going to sleep actually gives a physical sensation and experience of a long sleep and I can feel the enjoyment of sleep in my body that way.
  2. Making the most awesome baba ganoush and it was so good I could not stop myself from eating the whole batch on my own.
  3. Attending a social function and meeting a bunch of interesting people.
  4. Having a fresh coconut for the first time since leaving Vanuatu. Flooded with memories and nostalgia…
  5. Scoring another free book for a totals of 3 for this trip.
  6. Walking around Watson’s bay at night staring at the powerful ocean waves breaking on the rocks far down below. This one get filed into the memory folder of surreal experiences of life.
  7. Going for a McDonalds dinner at midnight. I can not begin to tell just how many things are wrong with this picture, but the overall experience including the taste (very surprisingly) where actually quite good and definitely memorable. I guess if it’s done once every few years, in good company, at ungodly hour and consumed sitting on a curb in a car park it all makes for a dream like experience. To complete the experience eat all the things you would never usually touch with a 10 foot pole together: fries, coke and a burger. It all still makes me smile 🙂
  8. Talking. Did I already mention how much I love a good conversation?..
  9. Late night SMS.
  10. Mending a piece of clothing. Not sure why I am grateful for it but I am, like doing unusual things I guess.