Doing what I love and getting paid for it? What a novel idea…

Grateful for:
  1. Second day of the incredible Oneness seminar. Delving deeper and deeper into the subject and learning ways to actually live it in the real world. A lot of it being a complete opposite to the rest of personal development and self help advice, it is incredibly refreshing and, admittedly, feels oh so right.
  2. Feelings of joy, elation and confidence persist throughout the day… have they added some chemicals to the air con?..
  3. Being shouted lunch, always a nice feeling. Having a spinach and mushroom yummy quiche, and following the exercise given out for lunch break of being fully present in every moment and savour each single bite with all senses, it was indeed a divine experience.
  4. Finally getting it why have we ever separated from the One formless consciousness. I always knew it was so that we can experience ourself (if I am just one infinite consciousness how can you possibly know ourself as one if I have nothing to compare to?) But it was only half the answer, seemed kind of silly to thrust ourselves into this duality world under the illusion that we are finite to suffer through this and many other lifetimes “experiencing ourself”. The ultimate goal was not just to experience ourself but to then have multiples of infinite manifestations of ourself to play with, rather than one formless soup. All we got to do to now is to remember that we are infinite beings all part of the great consciousness and go play. In fact we are already playing, just not aware of it. Infinite beings playing with infinite beings who are aware who they are is the end game! Hope it makes sense, if it doesn’t, just be happy for me that I got it 🙂
  5. Introspecting long and hard on the reason I drink coffee when I am out. It came down to the percieved value for money being secondary to the health benefits. Since I have a variety of nice tea at home it made sense to pay for a coffee experience when out as it is not obtainable at home (rarity) rather than tea which is easily obtainable and frequently higher quality than cafe offerings. The solution to this conundrum was using the identified “value for money” reason and invest in a travel mug. Now the tea wins in value for money stakes as it can be purchased once but enjoyed several times as I like to enjoy it for the variety of tastes the same tea gives over several brews. Plus being able to replicate constant “tea drip” experience I enjoy at home with a simple refill somewhere along the way in my daily adventures is a bonus too. Will see how this strategy pans out over the long term, but today I had about 5 cups of tea throughout the day which made it so much more awesome with no spikes of adrenal glad activity of coffee consumption.
  6. Finding a communal kitchen at the hotel where seminar was held and hanging there late into the night reading, thinking, doing oracle card spreads, having a little cry and drinking tea. It reminded me of a time when I spent a night in a communal room at random hotel in Vanuatu having overstayed a dinner and conversation and being informed that taxies simply aren’t out at this time of the night. This whole experience is actually quite a significant paradigm shift if my vagabond mentality. Now I know I can seek out shelter and “living room” space anywhere I am in the world by strolling into hotels and looking for communal spaces. My whole idea of the Earth as my home feels so much more real to me now. It is amazing what shifts and experiences are manifested from the most outlandish visions and dreams <3
  7. Having the most incredible Oracle Card spread on my financial situation. As a side note, I am a total devotee of John Holland Oracle Cards as the most spot on amazing divination tool I have used to date. I have had them in physical form and have since purchased and use them on my iPad.
    For the reading I got (from distant past > present > to distant future) the following: Conflict&Defeat > Patience&Planning > Destiny (wheel of fortune in major arcana) > Prosperity Begins > Fullfillment of wishes. I mean I could not have orcestrated a better spread if I manually pulled each card out of the 72 available! But the best thing about the experience was that I did not get a feeling of “woohoo, what great news”, but more like “Omg, I can’t believe it, how do the cards know what is going to happen” – that I all along had this knowing and confidence that is what is going to happen. <3 Oracle Cards, such an amazing tool for me which I simply can’t argue with while I grapple with the issues of trusting my own intuitive voice. I have grown to trust them so much in the past year that I have once even changed a business decision dictated by logic to its complete opposite solely based on the negative card spread. Pretty powerful stuff.
  8. Realising I have a major mental block around doing what I love and getting paid for it. Thanks for DeMartini’s 7 secret treasures and the Oneness seminar for bringing it up to the surface for me to see clearly and deal with it. I still have the remnants of “involving money will spoil the enjoyment and authenticity of these activities” but I am for the first time beginning to contemplate “How I can get handsomely paid to do it?” question. I even had a little cry around this issue, must be shifting something important…
  9. Visualising all my new goals and dreams so vividly and with such conviction that it is happening right now that I have started to worry about turning schizophrenic. I mean I am walking around daydreaming feeling ecstatic totally lost in my visions, how does that tie in with being present in the moment?..
    And why can’t I just enjoy the “positive”* experiences but have to scrutinise them as much as the “negative”* ones? *These labels used only for ease of reference, I have long subscribed to “there is no good and bad, there is just how it is”… Hahaha I can’t believe this, just writing it all out produced another BFO. I am totally labelling and judging stuff as negative and positive, otherwise the previous two sentences would not exist! Thank you for pointing this out, Universe.
  10. One of the things which I am now lovingly embracing as potential income source aside from pure soul enjoyment is writing. And if the results of this shift with this one post are any indication, I think I am on the right track. Time flew as usual, I was rewarded with a BFO or two and letting more of my thoughts out aside from the usual factual experiences feels like a nice big sigh…
  11. Oh and I think I have spent the last 48 hours in constant flow. Feeling so awesome I don’t even want to go to bed but I should to let it all process. Tried reading earlier tonight and had a distinct experience of overfilled head – no matter how many times I was re reading the same sentence I could not make out its sense.
  12. Oh oh, just one more gratitude, found a free copy of Shantaram in the communal hotel library after having a friend speak highly of it just a few days ago. From the first 10 pages I am hooked. Hooked on reading it – a good thing. Being powerfully reminded of my travel experiences and itching to take off again… that remains to be seen.
    Oh and would you stop “labelling” things as good or bad please?! K thanx