High on Oneness

Grateful for:

  1. Spending half a night reading Mutant Message Down Under by Marlo Morgan. Aboriginal people know what’s up, I am just scratching the surface…
  2. Hugs!!!
  3. 1 hour walk to the seminar in the drizzly Sydney morning. Nothing like a walk in the soft rain.
  4. Attending the most awesome seminar ever (and boy do I have background experience to back up my claims). Its experiential, not sure even what to say, totally lost of words. You get to fully feel the Oneness every great spiritual writer is constantly talking about. And yeah that’s just day 1 foundation.
  5. For the first time in my life walking around the streets smiling at people and actually looking back at those who look at me. What might sounds silly for some, for me it was a major breakthrough, and it was never even the goal of today, just kind of happened. Magic, I guess, follows me wherever I go lately.
  6. Going back to my raw food roots: buying a bag of spinach and some tomatoes and bananas. Oh the memories of my first raw food days a year ago flooded in… With all my raw food experience of the past 12 months I went ahead and spiced up my simple fair: mixed some rocket leaves and alfalfa sprouts with the spinach and yeah ate that concoction with my hands right out of the bag. Making downright spectacle of myself as usual but hey, it was tasty and its so good for you. Pretty sure feelings of happiness and elatedness also stem from my wierdo diet, noone else seemed to be as beaming as I was towards the end of the day.
  7. Balancing all the good foods and high frequency spiritual talk and revelations with cravings for sugar for the first time in months! Freaked out at first but then got good advice that its only natural considering the high level of content of the whole day to crave something very base and “bad” for you to balance it out. 1 slice of banana bread, 70% dark lindt chocolate and a chai latte later I was only getting started. Funny how we humans work, I just go along for the ride and don’t try to control it. Got to buy a trail mix for tomorrow, don’t think I can survive this food rollercoaster even though I’m only a couple of days away from home with the healthiest pantry and fridge in the world.
  8. Hanging at the local cafe updating my ever expanding iPad dreamboard. For someone who 3 day ago was at the depth of existential despair with no real goals or dreams or motivations in life, I am now overflowing with things I want to create in my life. The floodgates are opened.
  9. A bizarre experience of non attachment to any of the dreams, only a certainty that it is arriving soon in my experience, or better yet, I am already experiencing it all since it is all me anyway. Abraham-Hicks and DeMartini CDs and Amir Zoghi‘s seminar have totally brainwashed me. I am graduating Spiritual Lunatic Academy with honours 🙂
  10. Forever and ever grateful for having personal growth as my top priority in life. It has given me a life beyond all possible imagination and since with time it always only gets better and better and I already can’t believe my eyes, I can’t even begin to imagine what the future holds, feeling giddy just thinking about it.

PS LOL note: looked up “giddy” in google dictionary to ensure correct use and found this definition: “giddiness – an impulsive scatterbrained manner”. I would like to adopt giddiness as my middle name, what a succinct description of my predominant state of mind 🙂