Diving into emotion

Grateful for:

  1. Reading an amazing 6-star-every-single-sentence-is-a-profound-quote kind of books “Life Lessons” by Elizabeth Kubler-Ross. Nice way to start the day.
  2. Leaving Sydney with a spring in my step. When “Empire State Of  Mind” have been a constant soundtrack for a holiday, it has been a damn good holiday.
  3. Seeing my mystery DJ chick who I saw last month thought was so hot and I could totally sleep with but knowing nothing else about her on the cover of this month’s FHM! Haha, Ruby Rose, the hottest woman on Australian TV scene and a lesbian. Interesting…
  4. Happily uneventful flight home.
  5. Having a close to orgasmic experience eating a cookie that I brought with me on the plane together with my travel cup full of tea. The more I practice being totally present and aware of all 5 senses the more life reveals itself in all its richness and it really does become all about the little things. Maybe I can run workshops on developing one’s sensuality, since we are spiritual beings here to have a human experience it only makes sense to develop those faculties that makes us human and have a really good go at it while we can.
  6. Having to catch a train back home. Made me feel incredibly blessed to have a motorcycle to zip around on, something I have started taking for granted. Perhaps I should follow Seneca’s advice and spend a day out in the street with no money or food to have a similar kind of renewed appreciation experience for the many comforts of my life, not just my transport.
  7. Practising what I have learned during the weekend seminar – instead of suppressing sad emotions as they tentatively surface, I have chosen the saddest music I could find on my ipod and dove right in. It definitely intensified and all sort of stories started coming up to the surface but the observer in me could not help but marvel at the overall experience. I really was enjoying the “negative” emotion that previously I would have tried to avoid, and eventually it simply disappeared leaving me with a lingering after taste of a unique and rich experience of living. It was like “Wow, that was a cool ride, lets go again!..”
  8. Being greeted by 2 new additions to the household: a scooter in the driveway and a rabbit in the garden. Magic happens in this house I live in even when I am not there.
  9. Being blessed with not 1 but 2 completely different new business ideas. Amir Zoghi at the Oneness seminar was right, the amount of money one gets is not defined by what one officially earns, but how much one decides to spend in any given month. Decide to spend it and you’ll find a way of earning it. Crazy counter intuitive illogical stuff which turns out to be right if I retrospect it over the course of my life. Things that make you go hmmm…
  10. Being told how much I have changed in a week and how much stronger I am in my newly acquired vulnerability. The pesky business of learning to be human…
  11. Getting stuck right into the cooking, sprouting dehydrating and soaking. Ahhh, I am home…
  12. I can’t get over just how much I learn and grow every single day. UN-believable!
  13. Coming back to my minimalist room: salt lamp for light, yoga mat for bed, tea pot and tea cup and a laptop. Everything else completely hidden. The bliss of zero clutter living space is hard to convey.
  14. Getting a speeding fine! Oh no! But at least its dated 21/11/10 so I can happily celebrate the fact I haven’t gotten any more than that while riding around at least 10km over at all times. I would do well to study Melbourne’s speed camera location spots…or slow down… NOT :-p
  15. Signing up for Twitter! I have been blessed with some clever pearls of wisdom that just pop into my head lately, now I have a legitimate outlet for these illuminations.
  16. Overuse of ellipsis in this post, but it seems appropriate every single time…
  17. In my true “mechanic” personality style fashion linking up blog > twitter > facebook so a single press of a publish button should propagate across all 3. Lets hope that it works as expected – ready… steady… publish!