Home sweet home

Grateful for:

  1. Shipping 2 boxes of stuff to Melbourne. Now I can eagerly await early Christmas presents from myself.
  2. Wandering around North Sydney and observing the flow of life.
  3. Visiting Mary MacKillop church and final resting place.
  4. Having my last salmon and coffee breakfast for a while.
  5. Having bananas and grapefruit for lunch. After a week of SAD diet it was pure heaven.
  6. Finding a blue piano on the way home in the part and even managing a bit of a tune on the last few remaining working keys.
  7. Uneventful flight home. Yes, its possible even with Tiger Airlines.
  8. Being picked up by our third housemate from the airport – ahhh we’re all together again and the world is as it should be.
  9. Sharing lots of stories and breakthroughs on the way home.
  10. Melbourne welcoming us with the most divine sunset.
  11. Making love to the fridge and a mountain of fruit and veg inside of it first thing upon return home.
  12. Having a healthy awesome raw dinner.
  13. Being completely lost for words to express the level of happiness.
  14. Going for a long walk along the beach and enjoying the warm breeze.
  15. Practising manifesting and gratitude out loud. K-ching!
  16. Going for a ride on my bike.
  17. Catching up with another friend and having a great stimulating conversation. My life is full of them lately, what I focus on expands…. So lots of salmon and conversations for me in store in the future ­čÖé