Sorting stuff

Grateful for:

  1. Going home tomorrow. Can’t wait! 1 week is a perfect length for a holiday. And I don’t think I can survive any longer on the SAD diet, energy levels waning, sleep hours rising and muscles around the midriff rapidly vanishing.
  2. Today was the first hot day I have experienced in months. Hooray for wearing more skimpy clothes.
  3. Day 2 on the “today” to do list system. Second day in a row all tasks allocated for today are done, inbox is back to empty at the end of the day and meditation done. Celebrate! Wooo Hooo!
  4. Whipping up another website for a friend, getting it down to under n an hour. Booya I’m a website ninja.
  5. Catching up with 2 different friends today and having amazing inspiring conversations. I said it before and I will say it again – I am blessed with the most amazing people in my life.
  6. Closing a door.
  7. Sorting out through my stuff. 2 boxes full are ready to ship to Melbourne tomorrow morning.
  8. Looking through pages of old seminars and memorabilia. It seems so far removed from my current life experience it’s like it belongs to someone else entirely.
  9. Scoring 3 years worth of unread Nett magazines to tickle my Internet entrepreneurial muscle over the next few months.
  10. Receiving an email self expression from a friend that is prompting some soul searching and clarity in a key area of my life. Soul searching task added to my to do list 🙂