Riding in the rain

Grateful for:

  1. Getting caught in the rain on the motorcycle. And not just some rain, but a full on storm and absolute downpour. I am, again, strangely grateful for the experience, and not just now in retrospect, but in fact while it was all happening. Lots of interesting experiences from the ride alone, each deserving its own point.
  2. When I first realised the small sprinkle isn’t letting up and that I am now positively drenched from head to toe and am practically swimming through the water at 100km/h on the highway I laughed. It was loud and hearty laugh that sounded kind of weird in my helmet. But it was difficult to contain or explain the reaction so I will just leave it at that.
  3. I managed to get lost again as I did a few days ago. Melbourne’s suburbia is going to forever remain a mystery to me, but thank God for Google maps, otherwise I can see how it could have turned into a stressful experience rather than an amusing detour.
  4. Observing how the mind attempts to rationalise away negative experiences by insisting that this raw food pot luck and follow up talk must hold some extra importance and significance in my life if I was meant to struggle through the rain and getting totally wet to get there.
  5. On the way back I was actually freezing cold although was spared any significant rain. I tried testing myself with a query: “Even though I can find plenty of things to be grateful for in this experience, given a choice, would I truly choose the cold wet ride or a warm cosy normal one?” And my crazy brain said yes, it still would choose the cold one. Just for a nice reminder to appreciate the cosy ones and not take them for granted. And for the feeling of ego boost I got from going face to face with and overcoming the “elements”.
  6. Experimenting with Vipassana concepts of detachment from physical sensation. Yes it feels cold, but it is only our mind that labels it as a negative experience, attempts to rid itself of the experience and feels bad when it can’t. Instead of attempted to be present to what is, just a physical sensation on my skin (and sometimes in my bones).
  7. Yet another observation is that while exhaling and relaxing it actually did not feel cold at all. But when I inhaled or tensed it became cold. The wondrous workings of the body.
  8. Haha, 7 gratitude points already, and that is just from being present in an otherwise “negative” experience. Now on to the real highlights of the day…
  9. Attending a raw food pot luck with 40 other raw food junkies, each brining a dish. Can you just imagine 40 different raw food dishes. I thought I must have died from the cold and went to raw foodie heaven.
  10. Everything was so super delicious I simply could not stop eating. I did not think it was even physically possible on raw food, but I did fall into a food coma after about 4 plate fulls.
  11. Listening to a brief intro to a new psychological model that can potentially revolutionise human consciousness. 3 extremely simple yet profound principles working together, all highly resonant with my own discoveries and revelations of late. More on the founder’s site http://www.sydneybanks.org/
  12. Connecting with several like minded people and discussing wealth creation seminars for at least 1 hour. Getting it from the guy who actually trades shares for a living, my suspicions were proven correct, none of the programs out there work long term without some tweaking and know-how. You can be self taught or learn directly from people who trade for living as they are not interested in divulging their system to the greater public since it will inevitably loose its efficiency once a lot of people start trading it. Nice to received this confirmation to my own guesses.