A night out

Grateful for:

  1. Doing a bit of work in the morning. This week has seen me put in quite a few hours with a sudden influx of projects right before Christmas coupled with random staff leave. The huge positive is that work now feels so foreign I am busy hiring more and more people. The mindset of business owner is well and truly entrenched. Coding is still fun though, I think it will always be my passion and poesy as long as I am not overdoing it, probably a good rule to apply to all of my various passions.
  2. Taking a lunch break (what a novel idea!) which hasn’t seen me return to work. A nice lunch with a book on the couch and then a snooze. Wishing everyone else workdays like these.
  3. Getting quite captivated by the Girl with a Dragon Tattoo. I still find that I am waiting for it to “really” start and I am quarter of the way through the book by now. It is my first fiction read in the past few years and feels rather foreign. I am attempting to psychoanalyse the characters and see what positive traits I can learn and instil from them. Seeing the world persistently through the lens of personal growth makes for an interesting reality.
  4. Did I already mention a nap? I always wanted to have a nap habit but crazy “never home” UNschedule did not seem to allow for it. So it has been nice to actually be home in the afternoon and nap.
  5. Receiving a nice email from a friend in response to my sharing of some of my personal journey of late:”You are becoming a being of love in your own right!!! (Rather than relying on someone else).” Makes me feel that no matter the external outcome, I am on the right path.
  6. Having identified freedom as one of my top values in life, I am pondering lately what freedom means to me. I have been given the following quote from the cosmos which is more of a koan to me at the moment forcing further thought and questioning rather than providing an answer: “Freedom is not about having anything you want, it is about having nothing to loose.”
  7. Catching up with a girlfriend and getting ready to go out. Again, such simple things that make up someone else’s weekly experience, I am quite certain this one was the first time for me. I have been out with friends before a few times but never getting ready together, putting make up on and chatting and stuff. It was fun.
  8. Having my friend put make up on me as I turned out to be a complete noob when it comes to it. The result was pretty amazing, I looked like a completely different person! Fun thing to experience for the night.
  9. Getting some tips on photography post processing from a pro. Apparently, the days of forever tinkering with Photoshop filters are long gone and now it’s all about Lightroom and presets. Can’t wait to get my hands on some and play around with my photos. The examples I’ve seen where quite mind blowing, I feel I am all set to reignite my visual self expression passion.
  10. After 2 hours of getting ready finally making it out to dinner 5 minutes before kitchen close. Having super yummy dinner as always.
  11. Carrying on a wicked conversation over dinner on all the topics that would by themselves be considered taboo: politics, religion, love, sex and personal trimming habits (lol what?!). I think if you talk about nothing else but restricted topics when you meet people for the first time it somehow makes it ok to discuss them.
  12. Going to one of Melbourne’s top clubs. First time in a place that is all about “see and be seen”. A bit awkward at first but after a few drinks it was all good, feeling very confident and social, getting compliments everywhere and generally basking in attention which is a new experience for me too, before I felt quite bothered by it. And I got to have a really good dance to the enjoyment of not only me but everyone present. I LOVE dancing, love it love it love it. One form of public self expression that is so pure and in the moment and in flow with absolutely no brain activity. Hooray!
  13. Spending an awesome night out in great company. Trying on a few roles and storing a heap of new experiences for savouring and pondering in the future.
  14. Stopping at the beach on the way home at 4am. I love riding out on my motorcycle at the end of the pier at night when noone is there to tell me I can’t do it and just chilling on the tank feeling the radiating warmth of the motorcycle being surrounded by sounds of waves and silence of the city. Its awesome and inspires all sorts of interesting feelings.
  15. Going to sleep listening to dawn bird song and watching the skies light up with the morning twilight.