3 hour conversation

Grateful for:

  1. I can never let the blog be overdue again ever! Every single day for the past week has been “OMG this day was so awesome! I got to write it down”. And now having not written it down only 7 days later I can not remember it at all, completely blank… Over stimulation of experiences. I guess I am grateful for such a rich life then and for a timely reminder to write things down as they happen to share the richness of my experiences.
  2. Talking to an ex on skype for the first time in many months. Having an exciting and stimulating 3 hour discussion sharing lots of ideas, inspirations, stories and future goals. One thing I am most certain of, I have been blessed with the most amazing men in my life.
  3. Feeling like an authority on life simplicity and raw good cuisine. Thanks!
  4. Aha, it’s coming back to me slowly…
  5. Scoring a free invitation to a fashion show at a funky club address to the previous tenant at the house. Woot for free stuff!
  6. Taking an overworked friend out with me for some R&R and a good chat.
  7. Feeling OLD, doesn’t happen to me very often but in a club full of early twenties kids I felt OLD. It was a funny experience.
  8. Being hit on my 20 year olds. Fun 🙂
  9. Free cocktails on arrival. More free stuff!
  10. Having tequila and vodka shots and dancing. For some that is a usual night out and for me it was a refreshingly new experience. I don’t understand what is the fun in doing it every weekend but I will keep my judgements reserved for my own life only.