Getting my butt kicked

Grateful for:

  1. Did teeth whitening for the first time in my life.
  2. The lady who did it turned out to be Russian so I asked her where all the Russian deli were. So not only do I now have whiter teeth, I also have an address of a deli to visit. Every time I eat Russian food  I have a cry of nostalgia, something it telling me I am going to be crying soon 🙂
  3. Doing business coaching home work all day. Finding out lots of interesting things about myself and my business.
  4. Finally recalling the culprit that instilled in me some serious negative belief about selling. Now just to clear them all out and I should be good to go.
  5. Checking out lots of marketing associations and registering for some events. Dust off my networking cap and get ready for action.
  6. Imagining what my physical office would look like if ever I had one. That was a fun mental exercise, but in reality – God forbid! An office?!..
  7. Having the actual coaching session later that day and absolutely getting my butt kicked. I finally know what proper coaching is all about. As I am pulling my hair out, rocking back and forth, feign ignorance and about to hang up I am still gently and persistently guided forward until… EUREKA! I come upon some distinctions that really do make my business so totally unique in the sea of other web dev companies. It was a hard worn victory but victory nevertheless.
  8. LOVE being challenged. This has got to be a fast track to personal growth in any area of life.
  9. Grateful for my super amazing coach!
  10. Being immersed in business all day. That was a LOT compared to my last 6 months track record but incredibly rewarding and productive.