Whisked away to a secret location

Grateful for:

  1. Being whisked away to a secret location by my housemates.
  2. Taking a relaxing drive down the coast.
  3. Arriving at… Peninsular Hot Springs! Total heaven on relaxation. I was meditating in the steam room and feeling absolutely delicious. The experience defies any kind of description.
  4. Experiencing for the first time the whole outdoor hot springs in the cold weather thing. I thought it was crazy before, but now I realise you don’t actually feel cold with the body parts sticking out of the water as the spring warms you from the inside.
  5. Stopping at a nice lookout.
  6. I felt like I could totally live here. Time to add another picture to the ideal life album.
  7. Having lunch at Mornington. Another anti pasto platter. I have to conclude by now that if the restaurant has one on the menu I am simply powerless to resist and can’t order anything else. Even if they don’t have one, I will first try to make one up before going for a normal dish.
  8. Arriving home to a freshly made cake! Making a wish.
  9. Making it back in time for the closing of the market! My favourite time of the week. Going slightly crazy with the shopping as usual, but when the fridge and two large fruit baskets are totally full and I wonder where else I can put the remaining fruit and veg, I consider it a good problem to have.
  10. Trading smiles for discounts.