Milk froth bunny

Grateful for:

  1. Traveling up north in search of mountainside Imperial Villa and not finding it, but instead enjoying a lovely ride.
  2. Checking out another cafe from the Kyoto Cafes book and enjoying eclectic food, great atmosphere and a milk froth bunny in my cappuccino.
  3. Going to our last Sumi-e class. Farewell and thank you for all the inspiration, advise, presents and practice.
  4. Getting free tickets to museum exhibition from our teacher.
  5. Having matcha warabimochi and shiratama at our favorite place by the Philosopher’s path.
  6. Finishing watching Rome last night – the best mini series ever made will be sorely missed by us.
  7. Seeing a guy swimming in the river and then running around the river bank absolutely naked in the busiest part of town waving at everyone while they took pictures and cheered him on. Never would have expected such a spectacle in Japan, but everyone was surprisingly neutral about it, like it happens every day or something.
  8. Running into a guy Will met in the store and having him share lots of tips and advise on Hawaii, New York and other upcoming destinations.
  9. Starbucks bringing out a range of tea lattes. Although nothing earth shattering it was still a new and interesting taste experience.
  10. Reading Little Prince today. The language is a bit too poetic for my liking but the core message is sweet and valuable.
  11. I am quite a resourceful person.