Buying the Not Buying

Grateful for:

  1. Buying a stack of new books to read at e green books bookstore, including a book on Not Buying.
  2. Finding a hidden paradise of a cafe on top of the hill in Kyoto. One has to follow a mossy stone path first past houses then through a forest to find it and the atmosphere and interior were very rustic and homely, I just sat there not wanting to leave after we finished our meal, daydreaming staring out the window into the panorama of Kyoto.
  3. Packing everything and cleaning the place in preparation for departure.
  4. Seeing contemporary Japanese art and sculpture exhibition in Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art.
  5. Discovering a way to quickly store youtube videos on iPod using
  6. Finding 2 great ways to give and earn: microfinance and p2p lending. Even though most sites are for US citizens only at least it was great to find out about the concepts to investigate further later.
  7. Having a lovely salmon & brie salad for dinner at
  8. Sorting and uploading a few photo batches to Flickr.
  9. Catching up with people on Facebook.
  10. I am extremely introspective.