Renewable charity

Grateful for:

  1. Finding a great site where I can lend small amounts to self-employed individuals in developing countries and already contributing to 8 loans
  2. Shipping lots of books and other stuff to Vanuatu in preparation for leaving.
  3. Finally finding the bread cafe we have been searching for hopelessly several days ago.
  4. Watching Band Of Brothers feeling extremely grateful I do not have to experience what they have to go through.
  5. Buying a small phial vase in bamboo sleeve in a hippie shop today. A bit silly of a travel accessory for someone traveling light but I really enjoy bringing in a piece of grass or flower or branch home to connect with nature, which is especially handy when staying in otherwise soulless hotel rooms and short stay apartments.
  6. Browsing Sanjo markets today, perhaps one last time.
  7. Getting out deposit back for the apartment rental which should last us until we depart Japan.
  8. Having a nap in a cafe today, very refreshing.
  9. I am trustworthy.