Tea Holic

Grateful for:

  1. Riding around town in search of cafes.
  2. Walking on top of a hill covered with forest and temples. Being in the middle of town yet in such a quiet and removed place was magical.
  3. The smell of fallen leaves as we walked through the forest.
  4. Finding only 1 of 5 cafes (Tea Holic) we set out to find but being rewarded with an absolute taste sensation. Nilgiri and Almond teas, scones, sandwiches and a banana cheesecake with is the best cheesecake we both remember ever having and we had quite a few recently.
  5. Finding out about another Japanese art that is interesting and easy to practice – Bonseki – drawing with sand on black lacquer trays.
  6. Reading What to See in Kyoto in one sitting and finding another 4 great places to visit before we leave.
  7. Looking forward to at least 1 week of no work, looking forward to some rest.
  8. Updating my gmail theme today to a new funky look.
  9. I am peaceful and balanced.