Kitty cafe

Caught up with a friend from Vanuatu and spent all day hanging out first in Shibuya then in Shimo-Kitazawa. In Shibuya had a nice dinner in some underground restaurant behind a hobbit sized door. In Shimo-Kitazawa it was our third time and again we managed to discover another happening part of it which we did not realise existed. Plus we found the shisha bar there – south exit around Lawson convenience.

Had my first $10 tea today in Shibuya at L’Occitane cafe. The presentation was nice indeed but the tea itself pretty average. I guess you pay for the brand name (does it even apply to tea?) and the view (some of the best people watching opportunity around rivaled only by Starbucks across the road – overlooking the busy Shibuya main intersection) rather than the beverage itself.

Also found a kitty cafe in Shimo-kitazawa – you pay Y750 and get half an hour to pet and play with 20 resident cats. Cats came in all sizes and colours, were extremely well kept and clean and friendly. Awkward at first, we finally got into the swing of things playing and petting the beasts when our time was suddenly up and it was time to move on. Great idea for city animal lovers who can not keep a cat of their own, I would definitely become a regular if I lived in Tokyo.