Ghibli Museum!

Went to Ghibli museum today! Hooray! The museum itself is really cool and built like a mini Hogwart’s school of witchcraft and wizardry with passages and hanging bridges everywhere. There were some cool animated things on display but mostly it is lots of sketches and histories of each cartoon. Everything is in Japanese which did not help the learning process. Overall a nice experience but I was expecting something more hands on.

After that we walked around Inokashira (?) park around a lake. It again had a real forest feel and is very nicely designed. Later we found Kichijoji bohemian hang out area which I read about online the other day right next to the park so all in all it turned out quite a day with lots of impressions.

Finished off the day by having some Japan famous number 1 soup that the president likes and that apparently is advertised in all the guidebooks but we never heard of it. The soup was indeed very nice and I would eat it again given a chance, but the name was too lengthy to try to memorise.