Moved by Japanese art and cuisine

Spent of the day in Tokyo Metropolitan museum – on a special exhibition of Imperial Palace collection art. I always new I liked Japanese art but today has proven once again just how beautiful it is. I especially enjoy their black and white vertical landscapes and hope one day to be able to draw in that particular style.

Later we headed into Asakusa and indeed the place deserves a whole day all to itself with its multitude of period stores, temple complex and entertainment. Our goal for the night was to find a shisha bar and armed with a print out map it was an easy feat. I got sick in the stomach after about an hour like last time in Thailand but all in all it was a good experience, us being the only people in the bar aside from the owner and trying various exotic sounding traditional Japanese drinks. One of the sheeshas was made out of pvc plumbing pipes which is a great idea I want to try to replicate at home.

On the way home we stopped for a quick bite of sashimi in a proper sushi restaurant (all along we used to just buy boxed store stuff) which turned into a downright feast as we sampled one after another after another. Who knew an excellent meal can make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside for hours after the event.