Up in the sky

Another unique morning pages – “up in the sky” edition. Discovered another love this morning, that was lurking in my mind’s peripheral vision for a while never really articulating itself fully until now – coffee and yogurt. Airplane breakfast supplies the luxury of these two at the same time since back down on earth when I usually have coffee there is no yogurt around, and in those rare occasions when I have yogurt, there is no coffee. And so it is, plain black coffee and yogurt go quite well together and is a nice counter balance of textures and flavours.

The pondering and feeling into and searching for my blog message and value proposition have culminated last night after a couple of glasses of wine and a few good songs on the iPod into a MAJOR breakthrough. I have finally glimpsed my personal life philosophy and my message. As it was, I was so immersed in it that like fish in water I just could not see it since it was permeating my life on all levels. I am still fleshing it out and it is testing the limitations of my ability to express myself in writing, or in any form of communication for that matter. How do I take something that is an all encompassing presence that is EVERYWHERE in my life, now that I have finally noticed it, and put it into words, into some communicable idea and philosophy? It is an exciting challenge and something that I feel truly inspired to share with the world and even now as I type it it puts a smile on my face, even a few tears of joy have swelled up. I will publish the very raw incoherent rambling “meditations” on the subject together with this post just so you and me have a record of how it all started once I condense it into an engaging inspiring life changing work. I am feeling SO excited and at the same time so spacious and relaxed like I have got all the time in the world now that I have finally found IT. Ahhh…

Eating candy right now. The past week has been one huge excuse for eating all sorts of things I don’t normally eat and I must say my body has been graciously accepting of my frivolities up until 2 days ago when it started hurting and complaining. I know I know, I am sorry. Its one thing to have occasional thoughtless spurs of eating who knows what while primarily eating nutritious whole foods, but feeding on unidentifiable substances day after day is another. I apologize and as you know I am heading into a retreat where whole food nutrition is going to be catered for a week so rejoice, you will get a break and a vitality boost shortly. And thank you so much for complaining, I do need this reminder to eat well. Please don’t ever go into a numb denial mode considered the “norm” in many first world courtier these days.

Did another unique thing just now – disposing of pot plant dirt in the airplane bathroom. I have taken one of the small aloe Vera babies on the trip with me, thinking it is a small enough sacrifice if the customs won’t let it in. So I have disposed of the dirt, retained the handy posable terrarium (a travel case for a plant – how nifty!) and carefully washed the roots (wincing and ouching all throughout – plant pain transference – that’s taking it a bit too far) and wrapped the plant in wet tissue. Fingers crossed and let’s hope for the best. Not that it can’t be classified under a pot plant with soil category perhaps I can pass it through as a vegetable. I do carry a bag of spinach for snacks with me after all, so it’s not such a vast stretch of imagination from spinach to aloe Vera. I ate them both just the other day.