Meditations on Life is an Art Form

Never suffering the “one track mind” approach, I am simultaneously studying a number of guides to building a successful blog, allowing various ideas and approaches blend and percolate in mind and give rise to my own interpretations and answers.

Topic du jour is the reason, the value, the audience. Determined to make my own diary and personal philosophy writing interesting and valuable to people rather than.

Create beauty wherever you can. Learn to seed beauty as often as possible because ultimately it is everywhere. We just need to train ourselves to perceive it.

Life is an art form encompasses everything: how you live, how you see and feel life, every day moments, what you choose to create.

And I know it was all worth it when I weep at the beauty and hear heart bursting expansiveness and beauty of my life.

I have finally found it, it has been here all along I ever increasing quantities, now its just a matter of finding words to articulate it.

Find your essentials, streamline and eliminate everything else to make space. And inevitably, you art will arise,it will rush through you and there won’t be any stopping it. But it needs space and it needs time and it needs tress less head and heart space.

Exhibiting my masterpiece in hopes of inspiring you to create one of your own

Inspire, entertain and educate

Reason why

Life becomes endless then super long, 2 months feels like 2 years in terms of experiences and 2 lifetimes in terms of growth.

THiS is going to be so so beautiful.

I cry from the overwhelming joy of this moment and can’t wait to live into all the amazing future moments. Create not only the present but the myriad of future possibilities, one more spectacular than the other.

Every single act of my life is an art form. It would make an interesting project to dedicate a post to each element comprising an “average” “routine” day and showcase it as an art piece and how to perceive it as one.

Sum up in two words – be present

Gracefully flow through life taking in every moment