In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity

Grateful for:

  1. Forgot the adapter for my laptop at home and the ones sold here don’t match. Reminds me awfully of the time last year when my laptop was broken. So I am embracing the use of the iPad as a complete laptop replacement, reveling in my complete inability to do any work due to technical restrictions which means I have to stick with the business owner role and not a web developer whether I like it or not. Another blessing is that general computer use that can suck me in for hours if not days on end is now severely limited, which is always a good thing. “In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity” have been the case for me for years now and feeling genuinely blessed when “bad” things happen is a great way to live.
  2. After some research and much deliberation finding a prepaid phone plan that suits. USA is quite ridiculously backwards and restrictive in their pre paid offerings but thankfully I dragged my old android with me which saves the day. Now only to hack it and turn it into a 3G wifi router for my iDevices and I am set.
  3. Visiting a food wonderland of Trader Joe’s today! When I can get stuck choosing the type of dark chocolate I want to buy or the kind of wheat free sprouted grains bread I would like to try – I am indeed in heaven 🙂
  4. Making a raw dish for the first time in 2 months and having a overall wholesome yummy dinner. I love my food!
  5. Getting a compliment out in the street: “you look incredible!” – um… yeah… I know!! 🙂 Feels good to really know it.
  6. Getting ready for a life changing day tomorrow.
  7. When I wake up in the afternoon understandably there are less things to be grateful for since less things happened. I am grateful for feeling sufficiently sleepy right now to actually go to bed and be done with the jet lag. (End of day update: yeah right! That was a few hours ago and now It’s 4.30 am and i’m must now wrapping up. will set an alarm and try to combat jet lag that way)
  8. Getting back on Facebook and straight away feeling its insidious effects: first thing I wanted to do when I woke up is check Facebook! At least I am well aware of it now and can make conscious choices around my use of it rather than blindly following the urges. At least I haven’t installed the Facebook apps, those are staying off forever, thank you very much.
  9. Booked a TRAIN ride to Sedona! That should be fun, loved my last train ride across the USA so looking forward to this one. And having done 9(!) plane flights in April I am a bit over airports so a break would be nice.
  10. Decided to skip the pre training conference and go for the training only so will enjoy a few more days in LA in good company. Who knows, maybe I will even make it out to the street with all the actors names written in the stars on the sidewalk, do the whole “tourist” thing and take some pictures.
  11. Had a long overdue long Skype chat with a friend, made me shift some of my perspectives and understand a few things, it’s awesome when I can use other people’s life experiences a s a source of wisdom and not just my own, the world around makes a little more sense that way.