Spirit guide lessons

Grateful for all of the lessons that my spirit guides have taught me today.

Means doing the things that are for my highest good. For me personally I even know what approach works (the mojo list needs to be checked off before anything else is allowed to happen in the morning) but I did not have a strong enough reason to stick with it. Now I do.
Also without discipline I can’t have true fun because at some level consciously or unconsciously I’ll be thinking of the things I need to do so the experience of fun is not 100%. It is only having done the “important but not urgent” things that true guiltless fun can be had. “Discipline = freedom” then takes on an additional meaning of having disciplined myself to get the important things done in the morning, the rest of the day can be spent in both physical AND mental freedom.
Discipline is also the way to true personal power and I had to overcome a huge block to stepping into this power. In my mind power equals additional responsibilities and thus loss of current freedom. But what seems like a responsibility and a “have to” from this place of no power, actually becomes a “want to” in the space of power and I am then free to do the things I want to do (rather than have to do the things I need to do) which is a completely different way of perceiving and being in the world, even if the actions performed stay the same and only the attitude changes.

Self love
Is the master key. With it nothing else matters and without it nothing really works. When I have complete and utter self love then I don’t need any people or circumstances to be a certain way, which transforms all my relationships. From the place of wholeness I only create connections for the purpose of sharing, not from any sense of lack or need for completion.
Self love is a feeling and a vibration that needs to be practiced and held on to for as long as possible until it becomes permanent. And to practice the feeling of self love daily I require discipline.

Of people and of situations stems from self judgment. And for me self judgement stemmed from the wrong assumption that self judgement is the only path to growth. I judge myself as not good enough in some area, i apply effort and grow in it and then judge where else i can better myself, on and on it goes… An alternative view of growth have been shown to me as follows: since I always operate to the best of my ability within my current world view, then when new information becomes available and new horizons and ways of being present themselves I naturally will adjust and now do my best within the new expanded framework (aka grow). Judging myself for the way I acted before new information became available is pointless as I acted to the best of my ability within my past limits if understanding. And judging myself to find inefficiencies and produce growth is ineffective since if I surrender to the universal law of constant expansion and direct my energies towards it, I will naturally grow by doing my best within the ever expanding horizons shown to me.
As judgement of self disappears so does judgement of others. And by freeing those energies that were previously tied up in the judging more can be directed to self love as an antidote to self judgement.

Money energy
At the current level of human evolution for the majority of people price tag communicates the quality of something, so as service and product provider it is up to me to use the language of money to communicate the quality of my offering my setting an appropriate price tag. The smaller minority of conscious people use money language for the purposes of expressing appreciation and gratitude. When interacting and exchanging at that level price tags become irrelevant as people have embraced the abundance in their lives, appreciate the notion of money as energy, participate in exchanges on many levels and consciously use money language to express their gratitude and appreciation for the services rendered.

Business mindset
Time to shed once and for all the mindset of a worker and step into a more powerful realization that I am a freaking business woman. I have long cracked the system and the secret code so there really isn’t anything I can’t do. Whatever idea I am blessed with, if I want to turn it into reality I have all the tools, confidence and know-how to make it happen.

Uncovered the following imprint: being praised from an early age for my intelligence I have associated being wise with receiving love and approval. So to do silly things or to be out of control or (god forbid!) both must mean that I won’t be loved and accepted anymore. Which of course to the logical mind is not true. But rather than even try to replace that belief with a more positive one, the antidote to this is also the magic of self love. If I love and accept myself as a divine incredible unique individual then i don’t need love and approval of others, or more precisely, will rightfully assume they recognize me and love me as one as well.
There is still a tremendous resistance to loosing control but the work has been started.
I have also realized that for all my “living in the present” I am still so far off the mark. I am completely unable to give into the present moment and enjoy something just for right now if there is no future possibility.

Following my dreams
Having had the universe surprise me for the past several years with the most amazing gifts and experiences that I myself, in the limited confines of my mind, would have never even thought of, I have let go of my part in the co creation process and stopped dreaming completely. So for the past few years I have left both parts up to the universe: where to take me and how to get there. And while it was tremendously valuable to learn this kind of trust and to learn to be happy and grateful no matter what circumstances I find myself in, that was never the way conscious life was designed to work. My job is to collect experiences, information and impressions from which to then decide what I want to be, do and have in my life (aka “to dream”). And then the universe decides how to make it happen. And no, by setting an intention from the limits of my mind I am in no way limiting the universe, I am merely giving it a hint of the direction I want to take my life next and it is still free to surprise me and over deliver 100fold but at least it will then know 100fold of WHAT to over deliver! Time to get busy and dust off my digital dream board…

Huge thanks goes to my friend Gil Alan for his absolutely invaluable work of teaching people to connect and communicate with their spirit guides and work out their own solutions and directions. Life will never be the same again.