Eat, walk, talk

Grateful for:

Finally making it to meet a friend in Pasadena after failing to show up not once, but twice in a row! It felt really horrible both times to fail like that and I definitely know I have a problem with showing up on time but am I also a flake in addition to being totally disassociated from the concept of time? Or is one somehow linked to the other? Will watch this one closely and see what my future behavior tells me.

Eating 4 bananas on the way – my emergency “fast food” when I have no time for breakfast.

Being stopped on the street with the most amusing question: “Are you Polina?” hahaha My friend mention to her partner he might run into me since I was on my way over and sure enough he did.

Meeting another person I have previously only known via Facebook. I am starting to seriously reconsider it’s place in my life since it has brought me in contact with the most amazing people who are fast becoming the besets of real life friends.

Walking and talking for hours – the absolute best way to spend time in my opinion.

I have said it before but I will never tire to say it again and again – huge thanks to Steve Pavlina for attracting a whole heap of personal growth oriented NT types to his CGW workshops. Where before I felt all alone in my overly analytical approach to life, I have now found other people that are *gasp* just like me!

Seeing the effect of my recent move towards balancing my inborn analytical intelligence with emotional and spiritual development. Some of my beliefs sounded kookie even to me and a couple of times I had to apologize for the lack of logic in my explanations to life’s issues. Ah, God bless 🙂

Visiting the wonderland that is Whole Foods. I seriously would not be able to live near a place like that and would spend all my money there. I had to restrain myself this time but I will be dreaming of the seared salmon and kale salad with cranberries which I had for lunch for weeks to come. Also stocked up on 3 blocks of my favorite dark chocolate. Who knows when I will be at a place like this again.

As if the Whole Foods treats weren’t enough (and as if I had any more room left in my stomach) we also went to a vegan organic ice cream shop after. I must have died and went to an ice cream heaven. Cinnamon latter and oatmeal raisin cookie flavors were simply and I filed away a few more raw ice cream ideas to try to make at home.

Being treated to a wonderful bath experience by my wonderful host. Finally someone who appreciates the art of this pleasure. It was a perfect setting to kick start my dreaming as the spirit guides have advised me. Found myself some really nice imagery to get excited and drool over.

Having Abigail stay with my while I took the bath. “Take Abigail with you, she is a woman, she understands this kind of thing” he said about an Aloe Vera plant. And indeed she has.