Shamanic breathwork journey poem – Self Love

Panther shadow
Golden eyes
Black cobra
Dancing and merging
Flying through the jungle
We need no pyramids
Nature is our temple
Ascending to the sky
Meeting naked angels
…and God…
Making love
Sex is sacred
The highest form of the divine
Expression of love
Heavenly ecstasy
Seeing laughing Kali
Being black Kali
Making love to naked white god
Black and white twisted
In ecstatic embrace
Merging into one
I am merging the two
In me
Part angel part devil
My true divine power
My true divine self
Doing what I love
Is the ultimate self love
And my service
I came here
To experience this world
Not to make it better
It is already perfect
I came here to make my own world
The best it can be
And my doing what I love
Serves the world
To know what is true
Always ask myself
Is this an act of self love?