Poetry of the heart


Communion with nature
And with other humans
Who prefer communion with nature
To other humans
Settles me in my body
And brings about
Total deconstruction of old beliefs
Feeling reality
Fleeting moments of presence
Stalking in the mountains
Elusive beasts
Of fairy tales and myths
In caresses of the wind
Recognising my own voice
Previously drowned
Among a thousand others
That fill my head
And hurry me along
An already speedy
Journey of life



If one adds some time
And subtracts the illusion of worries
From the profound inspiration
Held in every moment
Creative impulse
Naturally arises
That which was there
Before any thought
Creativity runs in the veins
What mind denies
It comes out in waves
In movements and gestures
In dreams, aspirations
Eyes turned to the sky
In beautiful patterns
Words, smiles, meals
In poems on paper
In poems of life


simplicity – mind

The spaces we live in
The homes, the closets
The digital matter
The “cloud” of life
The space in our mind
Imposed on by others
The space in our body
So often neglected
How clean is each sphere
From outer to inner
How spacious the being
How simple the process
Can you feel the life pulsing
Behind life’s stuff
How is your time spent
Creating or doing
Relaxing or racing
To keep all that up
Do you know your essentials
That make life worth living
How much of the day
Do you spend doing YOUR thing
And how much someone else’s
Or no one’s at all
And when was the last time
You had time for just being
Without agenda
Or stuff on your mind
Who puts that stuff there
Without permission
Without even telling you
It’s not your stuff
To worry about
And always look after
Until you’re enslaved by it
Thinking you own it
While it runs your life
Start observing and asking
Deleting, archiving
For now, forever
The thoughts, things and files
That no longer serve
And maybe one day
For just a split second
You will feel the bliss
Of a blank state of being


simplicity – heart

Life’s main treasure
The joy of connection
Starts every morning
With the look in the mirror
Greet who you see there
With love and affection
Then take it out
To the rest of the world
Be with each person
You meet through the day
Look into their eyes
And hug their soul
Then you will know
The beauty within
As barriers melt
And heart swells with tears
Of long lost connection
Of recognition
Of what truly matters
I saw it in your heart
Something so simple
Beautiful and precious
Which the world needs
Now more than ever
So go out and be it
Show it
Express it
Paint a new world
With the colours of love