Insightful walk

Just came back from my usual sunset walk, got lots of insights and wanted to jot down a few before a night of work and a day of sleep wipe them all clean.

I have left pondering the questions from the Spark Kit‘s first worksheet. I am working through this program now and so far have been very impressed by Danielle’s style: a mix of brutal honesty and cheering encouragement. So I would highly recommend it to anyone wishing to discover and then turn their passions into a lifestyle career (aka get paid for doing what you love).

So the question that I was pondering the most is what I would do (putting question money aside) with my “career” in my ideal life. I have been pondering this on and off for some time already and this time the vision that kept coming up is that I would live fairly isolated in a cabin in woods (have no actual intention of doing that but I was walking through sort of woods so it might have been inspired by the surroundings) and I would write!

Really? I asked myself. Just imagine, you have all the money in the world, everything sorted, nothing to worry about. Would you really write? What for? Wouldn’t you rather travel, go shopping, help people get to where you’re at in life so you have more people to play with (that I imagined a little but it just didn’t feel as liberating and inspiring). Besides if I can do that through writing I can potentially reach and change many more lives. And then it all started clicking into place: if I didn’t have to work when I got home, I would have written and published some of my draft “idea” posts I have lingering here before going off to bed.

And then the biggest clincher of all hit me: I have been saying that none of my current passions are strong enough for me to see myself doing it for a long time into the future to turn it into a profitable business eventually (hmm, just caught another limiting belief right there, why do I think I need to do something for a long time before I can profit from it?). And only then the obvious finally hit me: I have been writing without any profit and barely any readers for close to 3 years now. Is that not an indication of a passion? Something I would do even if I wasn’t paid for it, something I would do continuously. These kind of BFOs are always accompanied by a slight feeling of ridiculousness, but I guess that’s what the O stands for – Obvious… So I am super grateful for this discovery and relieved at finally having “found” THE passion among the debris of other passions in  my life. Now ahoy and on to the next step – polishing the skill and attaching revenue streams (which I have also incidentally already started doing, and by my skewed logic its about time – 3 years on – that I should start making a profit from it).

Another facet of it unravelled itself in the asking of how this can benefit other people. I have already put a plan in place to market to those who would be idly interested in following someone’s life. Now the other angle I can also happily write about are my insights. Now a number of people told me how insightful I am (dong the Spark Kit‘s work here – one of the other questions was what you get complimented on) and some even (gasp!) seek my advice. And I love my insights. And I have more time than many others to walk/sit/lay (all of which I did today in the woods) and ponder and be open to insights. So yeah, “have insights all day long and write about them.” Sounds hella exciting to me :)

Plus I’ll continue to expand on my cooking videos, list style how-to’s and other useful goodies that extend beyond “whimsical thoughts” category.

So here it is then, my first Insights instalment.