Yoga in the park

Grateful for:
1. Yoga in the park! My first outdoor yoga experience and it was awesome, so peaceful and connected to nature.
2. Cooking up a storm today. I think I can finally say that I love cooking, after all these years the dormant talent and passion awakens.
3. Sharing a meal with a friend – always a satisfying experience, makes the food taste nicer and the people feel closer.
4. Doing my first drawing exercises – hand drawn gradients!
5. Writing another poem.
6. Watching a movie, first time in months! It never ceases to amaze me the level of life and relationships considered “normal”, and makes me oh so happy to be living an abnormal life.
7. Enjoying some of the best times in my life and not being able to come up with at least 10 things to be grateful for, I mean, c’mon already.
8. Walking the streets late at night, it is like another planet, where before I had to fight throngs of tourists and shoppers now there are huge open empty avenues.
9. Learning more about being an artist.
10. I love how I can exercise like a fiend in the right environment – bike ride and salsa tomorrow.